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bladder lesions

i was treated for yet another uti a few weeks ago,i have had many over the years and symptoms of one even when there is no bacteria present,this last infection was difficult to treat,the bacterium was enterococcal faecalis,i am now clear of it but in alot of pain and have been for about 3 weeks now,i ahve alot of problems with voiding,i have intermittent flank pain and am on tramadol twice a day plus amitryptaline at night for pain which is helping,the tramadol was not helping by itself,my doc says i have bladder lesions and i am seeing a urologist on 12th may for further tests,i have also lost alot of weight lately without trying,i have read that bladder lesions are relatively unusual in someone of my age,im 36.............and that most lesions are malignant in nature,im very worried that this si the case and that i am being left until 12th,i have been referred as urgent but the system is backed up,has anyone else been through this and been fairly young??
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