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bleeding prostate

I recently had a kidney stone removed, the stone was in the urether. I have it removed with no problem the issue I need to ask is after the surgery I went home and started to have lots of blood clots when I urinated and as time went on it got worse to the extent that I was just urinating blood. I had to go to ER as I could not urinate as the clot blocked the passage.
After having a urinary catheter inserted I had a pint of blood drained from my bladder, since then I have had surgery to seal up the bleed but its now 2 weeks after the surgery and I am still passin blood but not as much, just as i finish urinating.
I would like to know is this normal after having a stone removed?
Would there be any complications that may affect me later, lastly please could you give me some guide lines as to what to ask my consultant about the whole procedure, I feel I need answers and need a structure of questions to ask

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No, bleeding as you describe is not the usual situation that follows removal of a stone. Without really knowing what was done, I cannot comment on what you are experiencing now.  It sounds as though you are getting better.
You ought to ask exactly where your stone was when your urologist did the procedure.
Then, find out exactly what was done and what difficulties were encountered. Why did you experience so much bleeding and exactly what was done the second time that you went back to the operating room? Ask about the fact that you still have some blood in your urine and if this is normal for the procedure that was done. Ask what further problems you may encounter in the future (long term complications).
Do you have a blood clotting problem?
These are reasonable questions for all patients having surgery.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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