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blood after biopsy?
  I'm 38 and had slightly elevated PSA of 2.8 (for my age)
  recently. Since my father died of prostate cancer at an early
  age, my doc sent me to a urologist for a needle biopsy one week
  ago.  The urologist called yesterday to say biopsies negative,
  so he plans to do DRE and PSA two or three times each year.
  My question... my wife and I noticed lots of blood last night
  after ejaculation (my first since the biopsy).  Is this to be
  expected after biopsy, and if so, how long does it continue?
Dear Daniel
Thanks for your questions.
Blood in the stool, urine and ejaculate is very common  after a prostate biopsy.  Blood gets into the ejaculate because the seminal vesicle ( a gland which  contributes to the ejaculate) , is very close to the area of the prostate that is biopsied. It is not uncommon to have a small amount of  seminal vesicle in the prostate biopsy and hence a small amount of  blood in the ejaculate.  The prostate gland also contributes fluid to the ejaculate and needle biopsy of the  prostate routinely causes blood in the ejaculated semen..   I agree with your prostate cancer surveillance plan, however many urologist would still just recommend yearly PSA and digital rectal exams even with a family history of prostate cancer..      
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