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blood in sperma
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I am 65 yr. old; 70 kg, 177cm; healthy male. I have a chronic hematospermia with
reddish sperma colour since last December. I had last year sperma bleddings with brownish colour.
First time around 20 months ago. Now it is all times. No vasectomy; I do not remember of penis lesions;

I am sitting hours (using computers); no many movements or sport; Some varices on the testicles. Lower back pain. Cystitis 2 years ago and 5 years
ago a malign melanoma in the lower back and a hernia.
During last 2 years some pain where they operate the hernia;

TESTS and results:
Blood test all ok except colestherol and triglycerides (during the last 20 years)
PSA 3.2 (last year 2.6).
Urinalysis and culture: all ok (no problems after 48 hours)

Abdominal ultrasonographic and Prostatic suprapubic ultrasonographic (tansductor multifrecuencial type convex,
axial and longitudinals splits):
- prostate: small increase of size:  4.63cm; 2.92 cm in A-P, 3.61 cm transversal; vol 23.6ml
- seminal vesicles: symmetric, normal size, hopecoicas, well-defined, no pathological images;
- all the rest ok; in the bladder eocoscenic images with post acustic sombra mainly mainly in the left one.
MY question:
I visit this week an urologist; he look to the test results and told me to do first a semen analysis and culture. Depending of the
result I will decide if it is necessary a transrectal ultrasonograph. He did not visit me.

It is correct for the sperma culture. I was expecting a palpation of prostate to see possible induration or nodularity
or a previous transrectal ultrasonograph.
magnetic resonance is not used to see the possible
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