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blood in urine after drinking alcohol??

Im in my mid 20's. male. fit.
Was brought here from googling to find someone else seemed to have an identical problem to me, but they never followed up their post :(

About 2 years ago I had a spell of having blood in my urine.
Very first time it happened, there were just a few drops when I had nearly finished urinating.
It seemed to happen every weekend (after having a night on the beer) and progressively, when it DID occasionally happen, there seemed to be much more blood as opposed to juse a few drops at the end of urinating.

All of a sudden it seemed to stop and i've been fine for a 2 years.
I assumed that after such a big gap of being fine that whatever it was had gone.

Well, it happened last sunday morning after a night of drinking for the first time in 2 years.
This time my urine just looked a little 'dark' but I knew something was wrong, and then half way through it turned quite red.
Im not a big drinker as such.
I have a good few drinks on a saturday night, but other than that, I hardly drink.

Since it happened that last Sunday, I haven't been drinking alcohol and have upped my water, and my urine has remained perfectly clear. (one time soon after it happened a tiny piece,i think, clottled blood flew out!)
I know that next time I have a beer, I will have blood in my urine.

What could the problem be?
Why would it only happen the morning after consuming alcohol???? its not like im an old alcoholic!

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poor kidney function or a very sensitive bladder
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It is very surprising that you are having hematuria after drinking alcohol. Hematuria or blood in the urine can be caused by bleeding from anywhere along the urinary tract. The most common cause is an infection because of the inflammation in the urinary tract. Urinary stones can cause abrasion and irritation resulting in hematuria. Other possible cause is a kidney condition called glomerulonephritis. I would suggest that you consult your Doctor so further investigation can be done. You Doctor may request for some blood tests, urinalysis, urine culture, and an ultrasound or CT scan.

Hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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I have the same problem, when I drink the night after I get blood in my pee at the end and a few little clots, noticable on the tissue, I am a girl, healthy and fit for my age within my weight range for my height.... no medical conditions either. I am wondering if you followed up and were able to figure out what it was... thanks
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I have had the same problem. Since 2006 the hematuria has gotten progressivly worse. I have had a few CT/MRI been to see urologist, xray with contrast and had my blood and urine checked overand over. They can't seem to figure out why and I've chosen to stop waisting money trying to find out why. Once my urine turned black like coffee...and I had not drank in about a year, so maybe alcohol is only part of the equasion.  
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I am 20, and I have the same problem. Female, with no other serious medical conditions. Started last summer, I was having blood in my urine weekly (just a few drops at the end of the stream with pieces of tissue). I was not drinking alcohol, (but did in the past) and was exercising and eating healthy. Got a CT, MRI, Cystoscopy, and bladder biopsy. I had a few month break of it not happening, now whenever I do drink, I get it again the next day.
The only abnormal results of the tests were that they said I have a "Chronically inflamed bladder" but don't know why.

Annd my MRI showed that I have a left retro aortic renal vein. Do you all have that too?
And do you get a minor burning/ discomfort when it happens as well?
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I also had a small kidney stone in my left kidney on the ct scan..but the doctors said it shouldn't be a problem cause it wasn't close to coming out. Anyone else have kidney stones present?
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I to am in my 20's, 26 actually. This is the day after Halloween 2013. It all started for me a month ago. Only after drinking sodas or alcohol. I haven't had sodas in over 6 months. Been eating healthy, and for my age I'm heavy (5'7" 250) but not affected.
Last night was the first drinking I've done in 2-3 weeks. This mornings blood was heavier than before but still only enough to make a small line in the bowl.
Anyone figure it out? I have a job just don't make enough to see a doc. And Obama care is gonna screw us all. I'll have medical but will be even more broke and in debt.
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Hi subterfuge,
Any news?

I also had some blood in my urine in July (noticed my underwear few drops of pinkish/redish drops) and day after that peeing out some really small bloodclots. No drinking the night or week before.

GP checked it and said they saw some blood but nothing to worry about. Then in augusts it happened again after a night of drinking  few drops, small clots etc. Then had to go to the urologists. Got a CT scan, blood check, urine check and they found nothing, they thought it might be a kidney stone they didnt see on the scan but they were honest and just didnt know....

Last week after a heavy drinking session at a concert it happened again....

Im back to the uroligist now.....

let you know the outcome...

Hope you (and others) can share your results/status as well..


ps i am a male in mid thirties and healthy (i hope)
We are same age. Can you tell me what urologist told you. Check my post on page 2. My user name is sinipusa. I was sure I was getting prostatitis from cycling, 3 urologist confirm that with me. For past 3 to 4 months I have been drinking Whiskey and beer and no cycling at all and today after 14 months I got gross hematuria again.
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This has started happening to me too! I would love to hear the outcome for you folks
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Hi, could you please look at my recent post about possible penile edema? I have no money for a Dr and I am very scared and worried. Thank you.
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Me too facing the same issue which u r discussing about.I am a male 25.healthy. last night i had a beer(strong). i am facing this issue for the first time in my life. I am so worried. Can you please share ur result after meeting the doctor.
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Same with me. I am 37, 5'10" and 180 pounds.I go cycling 3 to 5 times a week for 30 to 50 miles each time. I have blood pressure 140 over 90 thru 155 over 100 if I dont cycle and dring alcohol and eat heavy food before bad. If I exercise, dont drink alcohol and dont eat before bed my blood pressure is 128 over 75 thru 138 over 80. 4 years ago I had gross hematuria at the end of urination.Went to my DR. and  Went for urine test, cat scan and catyscopy. Everything turn o.k. It lasted for about 10 days.I was diagnosed with prostatitis and given antibiotics. 2 years later it happen again.Went ot dr. again and was given antibiotics. About one year later happen again.I didnt go to anyone and it stopped on its own in 9 days.  3 days ago it is happening again. I use Afrin nasal spray and beer almost daily and hard liqour on the weekends. This usually hapens after I drink more them half bottle of expensive whiskey. Does whiskey or Afrin might do anything with it? Also I noticed it happens about 1 week after I stop riding my bicycle. Maybe my prostate or bladder starts bleeding becuase it got used to my bike saddle and once I stop it starts bleeding?
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I too have had this problem.  It started when I was in my about 30 with something aching in one particular spot to the left of my spine, in my lower middle back, after I would drink.  It would last 2 or 3 weeks sometimes, and increasingly got worse over a couple years off and on.  I swithed from beer to hard liquor, as one doctor thought maybe I was allergic to the hops in beer.  It wasn't as bad with hard liquor, but soon got just as bad, where as it would come on almost every time I drank.  I only drank at worst once or twice a week, and sometimes not for a few months at a time.  I went to a couple doctors, including getting a kidney test with the dye.  They were fine they said, though it was about 3 weeks after drinking, and that was only about as long as the problem lasted if I didn't drink more.  They did tell me my bladder was still holding urine right there that day at the kidney test, after I went and urinated completely, and couldn't go more, which was odd.  
Then I was at a Halloween party when I was 32 and had 2 glasses of wine.  I urinated fire engine red blood the entire stream.  I was in a panic.  I didn't drink anything for a month until Thanksgiving, when I had to brandy and eggnogs, and it started aching in my back.  I waited until Christmas and again had a couple drinks.  Aching started again.  I decided  was dying and stopped drinking completely, becoming at ease with that idea within about a year or so, even though I didn't die, as I thought I would be dying in a year or two.  
Now it has been 22 years, and only had the ache a little in the back on rare occasion.  But just recently I've been hanging around with people who like to put booze in almost everything they cook, thinking they are fancy.  I complained at first, but then relented and have been eating the food.  Now just last night 11-28-2014 I urinated blood after none for 22 years.  2 nights before I ate one of these fancy meals, and was very thirsty soon after it.  Couldn't get enough water.  Then ate a lot and possibly some more booze at another of the groups parties of various foods, and within hours I urinated the blood.  Now I'm concerned again, as 54 years old, but your discussions here have actually relieved me a bit, so hopefully my story will relieve others.  There was no internet or info back 22 years ago, and no one knew what my problem was, so good to see others with it too.  
Only other clue in my 95 year old grandma, used to urinate blood years ago, and they blamed it on women's problems, but I wonder if it is something hereditary in the kidney, pancreas or liver area?
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Sorry I didn't reread it before I sent, and see about 10 mistakes, but you get the general idea.
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Hi, I'm 53 yrs older than that young man 2 weeks ago I started having cramps and when I pee  I saw dark blood smear I drink but not heavily on the weekends with friends when we go out I never had this before, my period is gone over 2 yrs i start making juice and it went away for 2 weeks but just last night for supper I had wine then this afternoon I saw blood smear when I wipe I'm bloated it feels like I have my period again..some say I have a very urine infection what do you think.


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Hi, I get a burning feeling too
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Ive been urinating blood for two months now, I just noticed that alcohol is a common factor. Does anyone of you may also  have had contact with HPV? Previous symptoms before my urine our rash and mouth bumps, yeast outgrowth, confusion, dry mouth etc in a one year domino effect on symptom after another,. Every test result comes back in good standing. Doctors cant find explanations which tends me to believe at this stage that it is more of a spiritual battle rather than physical because of dreams and experiences. I know, i know,. But the cientific approach has failed me so far.. Whats you guys' experience?
I passed blood in urine a year ago just a little bit. Then I went to dr said could be UTI infection but no test. Now a week and half ago it happened and passed some blood clots in urine and they did CT scans and MRI s and bone scans. They found a 13CM mass in my left kidney and said it was kidney cancer. Did test last week said hasnt t spread out of kidney but its coming out. Scary and it ***** at 44 years old. Get a CT done at least. In fact insist. Early detection is key and they said this usually isn't diagnosed till its way past early like mine. Be smart and ask and get test.  
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Yup exact same issue, they couldn't find anything wrong with me. Someone said it could be enlarged prostate, but I find that doubtful at the amount of blood that comes out.

The first time it happened was 5 years ago, I was drinking alcohol and doing cocaine, the next day I had to go to the hospital cause I couldn't pee, they stuck a catheter in me and that was the worst pain in my life jesus.

They gave me a bladder scan, liver test, CBC and urine analysis and kidney function test all of which came back better than most peoples. I didn't touch any alcohol and cocaine for a month, and had ZERO blood or even trace amounts of blood in my pee.

Then I decided to try it again, booze and cocaine, the next day there was blood in my urine again. I then stopped doing cocaine all together when i was drinking and never saw blood again until recently I had a big drinking night, the next day I had blood in my urine.

It clears up almost immediately and when I check my urine the next time around with my Chem Strips 7 (at home test that checks for blood, protein, glucose, albumin etc) it finds nothing, which leads me to believe that this ONLY happens with alcohol or drugs going into me. Its been 5 years now and im still alive, so I guess I'll have to keep trying to figure out whats happening there like the rest of us, but other than bleeding out of my nether region (LOL) I feel super healthy! Nice to see other people who are having the issue, nice to know you're not alone! Good luck to ya all. If anyone finds out the issue please feel free to let us know! Cheers

If its kidney cancer, then its the slowest growing cancer in the entire world. Also its a cancer that is effected by alcohol in the blood... lol. Doesn't make any sense.
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Bladder cancer
Cancer that begins in the bladder.
Symptoms may include
Dark urine
Frequent urination
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Symptoms include difficulty urinating, pain in the groin, pelvic area, or genitals, and, sometimes, flu-like symptoms.

Pain areas:in the back, bladder, genital area, groin, lower abdomen, lower back, pelvis, prostate, rectum, or testicle

Pain circumstances: can occur during urination

dribbling after urination, excessive urination at night, frequent urge to urinate, frequent urination, urinary retention, or blood in urine

chills, fatigue, or fever

discomfort or painful ejaculation
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I am thinking it’s the pancreas??? I  have same issue every time I have even a little alcohol. I had a test done that said my pancreas was stressed. I notice sugar bothers me a lot, too. Wine and beer is worse than hard liquor.
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