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blood in urine and severe pain with stent placement

I had a stent placed almost 4 weeks ago.  I have been in constant pain since I had a stent place for kidney stones 2 years ago.  My doctor decided scar tissue was causing the pain and said if I left the stent in for 4 weeks it would decrease the chance of scar tissue forming again.   Since this stent was placed I have been in constant pain.  From my upper back, around to my side and down to my groin area and even in my leg.  At times it hurts to breath.  My doctor would not order pain medication, he gave me Motrin 800, and Detrol La and told me I should not be having this much pain. I am out of my mind in pain.  My Primary care doc gave me pain meds last wk.  It has helped a little.  Pain is still a 9.  I have gross blood in my urine and have had this since the stent was placed.  If I do not move any during the day my urine will be a dark red but you can see thru it.  If I move much at all, like drive my kids to school, my urine is dark red and you can not see anything but blood. My doctor knows this and said this is normal and it is not the cause for pain.  I have tried to get into another urologist in a different practice.  They will see me after my current urologist removes the stent for follow up, but do not want to remove the stent.  Is anyone else having this problem.  Helpppp
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Please see another urologist or even just call your hospital's patient nurse line - or call Mayo clinic, or something!
My husband died of stage 4 ureter cancer.  He had a stint put in and 4 months later, with the stint still in, he had heavy bleeding off and on - and he reported it to his urologist, and his regular doctor on numerous occasions.  The urologist didn't do the proper tests or take it seriously - and he ended up being diagnosed with ureter cancer 9 months after the first bleeding, and by then it was too late and had spread to his liver and kidney. His earlier urine test for cancer came out negative, so I guess they assumed he didn't have it, but those tests can be wrong.  Blood in the urine is a sign of bladder cancer and a sign of ureter cancer.  Please borrow money if you have to, or go to a Public Health facility if money is an issue - do not wait!!!!!
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