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bruise/pain on left side of lower back

i noticed a very dark , large bruise on the left side of my lower back.it was very painful, and it felt like a lump.i found it strange because i did not recall  injuring myself. as time went on , the bruise never really went away- it has faded some, but there is still a slight bruise and a persistant mild ache in that area. should i have it checked?p.s, i also had a breast biopsy on that same side, and i recently had a cat scan done.
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If your were on your back for several days after your breast biopsy, then the subcutaneous bleeding my have settled here from your surgery due to gravity. Also, see  if your  your CAT scan shows anything. Bleeding from an internal major blood vessel can also cause simila fin.al As it is perssistent, I would get it checked out by your internist.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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