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burning pain after ejaculating

So I am a 19-year-old male and I pleasure myself quite often, like sometimes up to 8 times a day but tends to stay around 1-3 per day. so this has made the skin all along the foreskin to crack and split and that alone is painful but what I am more worried about is the fact that whenever I ***, after the high has faded a bit a pretty intense pain comes and centers on the tip or just the **** hole but just in the shaft, I don't feel it go any deeper. The pain tends to fade after about 10 mins but has lasted longer, the tip of my ****, right around the urethra is red and has stayed like that, though it becomes a lot more visible right after. Now here is the thing, this has never hurt when I **** and it's only in the **** inside of it that I feel the pain. there is like this small line along the underside of my **** that also turns a bit red after use but it's not very big.
Also, I don't really use lube but when I have it has helped with the skin stuff but hasn't helped much with this problem. the pain tends to be great enough that I want to take painkillers even though those don't help a whole lot but still help some.
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I think the best thing to do is to give your friend a bit of a rest.   Really you should because all that irritation your masturbation is causing to your penis can eventually cause it to lose sensation. Yep, it really happens.  So, back off it.  If you can't?  Well, that's a whole other problem.  But I would personally give it a complete rest to heal. And no, don't take pain killers for it.  Hope it gets better soon.
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I agree w/ GuitarRox on this - it sounds like you’re just overdoing it to the extent that it’s become irritated. One comment - no need to use ‘****’ for sexual parts or ejaculation or anything else - this is a mature site dedicated to helping ppl w/ sexual issues, so I don’t think anyone is gonna be offended by use of actual terms. Also, we can sometimes misinterpret what you’re saying, whether you meant ‘****’ or ‘***’ or smthg else. Let us know if this advice is helpful.

If you ‘back off’ a bit on masturbation & the prblm still persists, then my advice would be to start w/ your reg Dr., but you may want to see a Urologist if your Dr. isn’t able to help. I know at 19 it can feel weird to talk about this issue w/ a Dr., but they are well aware that all guys masturbate, they regard it as totally normal & not embarrassing at all & that at your age, it’s pretty normal to masturbate a LOT !! Altho in your case, you may be overdoing it a bit. Good luck & let us know how things turn out - we’re all here to learn & letting us know the outcome will add to our knowledge base & may help another guy with the same issue - you’re almost certainly not alone in this...
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Oh - my apologies - it looks like the site inserted the **** - it’s never happened to me because I normally just say ‘penis’ or ‘ejaculate’, etc. Apparently the site considers these slang terms unacceptable. So my advice to all readers & posters here - in order to be absolutely clear & avoid misinterpretation, please use the accepted medical terms. There is nothing obscene about words such as  penis, vagina, clitoris, ejaculation, etc. These are all the correct, accepted medical terms for human body parts or functions, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about & since everyone coming here knows these questions are of a sexual nature, I highly doubt anyone is going to be offended...
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