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burning sensation before and lower right pelvic pain during peeing

started having mild pain in lower right abdomen sometimes when peeing last week. since 3 days ago I started developing constant burning sensation at tip of penis specially when bladder is full. the burning sensation is almost always there and sometimes goes away momentarily when urinating or taking cold showers. I went to a clinic and they did STD and UTI urine tests but were negative. I also used an at home urine dipstick and every color was normal or negative. wondering what this could be? any help is appreciated.
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Oh boy... I read every topic on this forum about that issue and, brother, there's a lot of guys with the same problem: burning sensation at the tip of urethra. NONE of them had success in discovering what is the issue and how to treat it.
I'm suffering from it for 2+ years now and don't have any clue about what to do anymore.

I know it's been more than a year from your topic, but do you have any updates? Did you get rid off that annoying problem?
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