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chronic kidney stones

I have had recurrent kidney stones since 2000 in 2001 I finally was told that I have Medullary Sponge Kidneys the problem is that in the last 2 months I have passed at least one stone a week and I am sick of being in continuous pain.  The ER won't do anything but give me pain medicine and sometimes treats me as if I am just a seeker of drugs.  I do see a Urologist on regular basis but he tells me that the stones are small and I will pass them but the pain is something that I can not stand any more.  I have 3 children and can not live on pain medicine all the time, I have school functins and am very active with my boys.  But my children can not understand why I feel so terrible most days and my husband is at wits end.  Any suggestions of what I should do?
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I think that you should have a metabolic workup to determine what  can medically be done to decrease or prevent further stone formation. This workup involves evaluation of your urine and blood. Some urologists do this type of evaluation. Nephrologists routinely deal with this.
From a surgical/pain standpoint, the first question is whether you are passing previously formed stones or newly formed ones. If you are “getting rid” of old ones, then the frequency will decrease once your kidneys are “empty” and your stone forming tendency is controlled. If new ones are being made, then you definitely need to get evaluated and treated. The only general treatment that you might start now is to increase your urine output to at least 3.5 liters per 24 hours. Thus you will need to drink about 4 or more liters per day. Keeping your urine this dilute has to be done over a 24 hour period, not just “9-5.” You need to be drinking water, probably a large glass every hour from awakening until bed time and then drink 2 glasses. When you awaken overnight to urinate, drink at least another glass each time. Stat away from cranberry juice. It has lots of oxalate in it. This is often a component of stones.
If medical treatment does not control your stone formation, then an operation to replace your ureters with pieces of small intestine can be performed and this will allow your stones to pass without pain. This is not a minor operation and is should not be considered lightly.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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lonnie~ thanks for you comment.. i have been getting kidney stones now for 5 years.. i will be 25 yrs old march 7th.. i have been in and out of countless er's and just started seeing a urologist but i dont have health insurance. i had to file bankrupcy already from the bills and no one will help me. my urinalysis came back normal so no one seems to tell me why i get them or how to stop them. i always pass them on my own too so the doctors tell me im lucky.. im in pain all the time and i feel like its ruining my life. i feel like im going crazy and  no one wants to put up with me anymore. the last time i was in the er the nurse told me to get a healer. i could have hit her. any info you have to share would be great.
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