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chronic marijuana use and varicocele

  my boyfriend has been diagnosed with a left side varicocele.  I'm not sure what causes these; maybe they just happen.  I was wondering however if years of daily marijuana use could promote a varicocele, since marijuana constricts the blood vessels.  Is it possible the two could be linked?  If not, what are the most common causes of varicoceles?  
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Varicoceles are believed to be congenital ( born with)  but very few  can be acquired ( obtained during life).   The most common by far is the congenital and are usually on the left side.  Like varicose veins in the legs, the valves of the veins become inoperable, the flow becomes sluggish or reverses and this causes the veins to swell.  It has been estimated that about  10 percent of males have a varicocele, although most are not noticeable.  
Marijuana has not been associated directly with varicoceles but both are well known a risk factors for male infertility, i.e. low sperm counts/ motility/ abnormal sperm morphology .
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