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cloudy urine

what could be the cause of cloudy urine in the picture?
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Hi Me,

You urine appears light straw color so you are probably not dehydrated which can cause cloudy urine. Do you have additional symptoms such as burning upon urination, difficultly starting your stream or an interrupted stream? Do you have a slight discharge after urination? Do you have pain in your pelvic region? Do you have an elevated temperature?

I'm sorry I don't know your history. A frequent cause of cloudy urine is a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). If you are a male then UTIs are not common.

Water soluble vitamins can cause cloudy urine such as all the B vitamins and Vitamin C. Some medications can also cause urine to be cloudy as can pregnancy or diabetes.

Kidney Stones can also cause cloudy urine but believe me if you had stones you would certainly know it. There are extremely painful.

I urge you to consult your medical provider. If you are a male, have cloudy urine more than once or other SX (symptoms) you should be checked for a UTI or other conditions that may cause cloudy urine. Actually this applies to females also. We females are more prone to UTIs and they are not as uncommon.

Stay well hydrated. If you do have a UTI cranberry juice is a home remedy that is often effective. Hope this info has been helpful.

I wish you the best and hope you'll keep us updated.

Take Care,
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1-i have pain after urination and i have frequent urination.
2-no elevated temperature.
3-i do not have a noticeable pelvic pain.
4-no difficulty of starting urination.
5-no discharge after urination.
6-no interrupted stream but sometimes stream is divided into two sub-streams.
7-i am male and my urine result 10 days ago was okay in terms of bacteria. ie, no infection.

i was at doctor yesterday. he was not so concerned and said wait 4-6 weeks if not improved come again.
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Was this urination after ejaculation? I apologize if this is kind of a frank question. But split stream urination is common after ejaculating.(sex or masturbation). Semen can dry at the hole and cause a split stream.
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