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cystitis cystica

My daughter who is 6 has been battling uti for about 3 years now. We have been on profialatic antibiotics for years and have had many break through infections. We went in for surgery to inject delfux, when the doctor came out 10 minutes later he said we found cystitis cystica and gave me a quick run down and i did not understand it at all. I did a google search and all its does is make me very worried. What causes this disease and what is the ussual outcome. We have began antibiotics strong ones and he said we will be on them for the next 3 months.Paola has many problems voiding both bladder and intestinal. Should we get her intestins looked at as well.She has severe constipation and we have been put on laxatives and nothing seems to clear it even a high fiber diet. I want help for her and dont understand this disease we dont have another appt for about another month and my attemps to contact him personally have been unsuccessful. I want a explaination of this that I can understand. I have seen all kinds of articles about this and cancer so this is very stressful for us. i also want to know if this can spread. Thanks so much Christina
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Let’s start by saying that cystitis cystica is not a serious condition in and of itself. It is NOT precancerous!
This is a finding that we frequently see in the lining of bladders when there is a history of infections (not acute infections). It indicates to me that the individual has had a problem with repeated infections. It does not seriously guide my therapy, it just further substantiates with what my patient is dealing.
Individual with vesicoureteral reflux as a partial cause for these infections need to have something done to stop the reflux. Deflux is the least invasive treatment (aside from antibiotic prophylaxis) and does not influence additional procedures that may need to be done if this is not successful.
Your daughter apparently has a dysfunctional elimination syndrome and needs to have her constipation treated as well as her urinary system. This can actually get into the psychological as well as the physical as some children respond to controlling parenting by avoiding defecating as this is one thing that they can control in spite of their parents.
Usually stool softeners, encouragement and diet changes are effective with the occasional use of laxatives. A pediatric gastroenterologist may well be a reasonable specialist to consult if you are not seeing changes with the current regimen.
Good luck! This is all treatable!!
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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