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cystoscopy,ureteral dilation,laser lithotripsy

my husband just had surgery on Monday .laser procedure was done several stones were into several pieces but while the procedure was taken place the ureter took a hole and started a lick with urine so the doctor stopped and left the stent without the string .My husband could not tolerate the pain so was taken to emergency.He was admitted and has been urinating with blood. very much discomfort on the kidney and has not eaten since Sunday at midnight. I need medical advice to know what is right and what can be done to correct the matter.
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Wow... your husbands story sound eerily familiar

I had a very similar thing happen to me on one of my laser cystoscopy sessions. I had a 10mm stone stuck in the l3-l4 region of my ureter, and there was no way I was going to pass it. Extreme pain, nausea, vomiting, hydronephrosis, sharp pains radiating into my groin, the whole bit. This was pretty early on in my kidney-stone career, but this particular surgery turned out to be quite pivotal (I DO have a point, so keep reading).

My Urologist at the time, who I'd only been seeing for a few months, put me under anesthetic, scoped me as usual, stuck the laser cystoscope into my ureture to get at the stone, started blasting away, something broke, and he ended up lasering a 0.5mm hole right in the side of my left ureter. Now, I've only ever had stone problems on my left side, so again, this hole is pivotal. Apparently, there was a power spike, or surge, or something of that nature (that's what the report said after the fact), and that's what caused the hole to be made.

So, there's a hole in my ureter, and I still have a 100mm stone stuck. So he takes care of the stone, pulls all of the pieces out (I think it's called a reverse retrograde stone manipulation, or something like that), put's a sucher (a single stitch) on the 0.5mm hole, places a stent (with the string hanging out the end of my penis), and goes on his merry way.

Unlike your husband, I had no trouble with pain associated with either the hole in my ureter or my stent placement. I've HAD stent's that have been excruciatingly painful, and it turns out that they were too small (too short) and were basically trying to pull my kidney & bladder together, causing pain. Stent's are uncomfortable, but if he's in THAT much pain, I'd say he needs to put a call into his Urologist, or go directly to the ER.

So, my hole heals up, but now I have a minute amount of scar-tissue on the inside of my left ureter at L3-L4, which coincidentally, is where ALL my stones get hung up (proven by repeated CT's & IVP's. I swear, I've never had a stone stick anywhere else. Now, I'm no expert, but I'd say that in this case 1+1=2. The hole my old Urologist accidentally made has caused me COUNTLESS return visits to the ER with hung-up stones. Now, that being said, I make kidney-stones like no one's business (I'm known as a 'Stone Farmer'), and with or without the scar-tissue, I'd still make stone. But if I didn't have the scar-tissue, at least I'd have the opportunity to pass them by myself without need for surgery.

I really am sorry to hear about your husbands pain & discomfort, and I would urge you to take him back to him Urologist sooner rather than later, or even to the ER if it gets bad enough. I would also urge you to follow up with his Urologist after his stent's been removed and he's back to normal, and talk to him regarding the implications of the hole he cut in your husbands ureter.

I wish you and he the best of luck.
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Sorry... typo in the 3rd paragraph. That's 10mm stone (TEN), not 100mm.
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