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cysts on kidney

I have a 23 year old daughter who was diagnosed as having "at least 1 cyst on her right kidney" five years ago.  She recently had renal failure due to e coli (in January of this year).  She had a ultra sound last week and they now say she has a cyst on her left kidney also.  Is it common for a female so young to have these cysts?
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Hi there.

Sorry to hear about your daughter. I am not a doctor, but I am a 24 year old female who has a 4cm cyst on my right kidney.

Mine was diagnosed after I got septicemia. An MRI scan found it and the Urologist said it was a simple cyst and would not cause any problems. Altough in the end I was told it was the cyst that had got infected that caused me to get septicemia.

I get alot of pain in my side due to my cyst. Does your daughter suffer with pain also? I am going back to my Urologist on fri to discuss it again as before xmas he wanted to drain it, but in the end it was too risky.

I was told Females of my age do not tend to suffer with kidney cysts alot. But I am seeing more and more cases of it online and thinking it cant be so rare after all.

Hope your daughter gets sorted.
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At this point I am not aware of the prevalence of renal cysts in the 20 something age group .However, about 50% of the > than 50 year olds do have renal cyts chanced upon during imaging. Most of the renal cysts are asymptomatic.And simple cysts based on the ultrasound which are asymptomatic need not be further evaluated. However, in your daughter's case has her urologist discussed the need to radiographically follow up the cysts?Usually an ultrasound may be able to define on whether the cysts are simple or not.The ultrasound results may influence the next step for management.You may discuss this with your daughter's physicians.

I hope this helps.
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I had a 1 cm on my rt kidney and was told it was normal/common, no tx necessary...i had stones and an infection at the same time but they have not felt the need to address the cyst.

I am 31yr old.fem
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i am also a 24 female who has been dx 2 years ago with medulary sponge kidneys, i have had over 40 CT's and everytime time i have had up to 10 stones bi-laterly 6mm or less non obstructing. the most recent one showed a complex right renal cyst but the ER doc. did not make a big deal of it. they have started me on a morphine twice a day for chronic pain. woundering if it would not be a better choice for a kidney transplant?
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I am a 22 year old female and I have 2 renal cyst on my left kidney. One is a simple cyst the other is a complex cyst with calcification around it. Both are small (2.3x1.9cm and 1.8x2cm) and because of my age the doctors just want to watch and see if they grow. I was told that they are extreamly uncommon for young women but very prevalent in women 40 and older. I have them checked every three months. They are not serious but they can be if they are not monitored regularly.
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can any one help me it was confirm i have one of those cyst im 56 and in so much pain but no one is really dealing with it the pain is so bad im cant even get out bed unless im on pain meds and even then just masks it what shoul i do
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Hello,i wanted to know how did it go with everyone here,i have been having rightside pains by my ribs in front,they thought it could be gallbladder stones but neg,recently i had a catscan done and now i was told that they found a right renal mass,trace of blood,i am freaken out here,have to go to urologist anyone any advice i have anxiety big time,don't know what to think tge mass is 3cm. You guys went thru this,i am 36.
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