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damaged urethral meatus

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on this page, i am currently trying to diognos an issue that i have had for over a year now. Today my discomfort is a 8.5/10 and I've come to believe possible when my urethra was swabbed is when it was damaged. Below I've list a run down of my past year. Please help with any input possible that would be great.

History I am 27, male, 6 foot 1, in September 2014 i was 225ish pounds, I am circumcised, prior to September I have never been infected with anything before. ( anything more that will help please ask)

September 2014- had a one night stand with a women I had never met before, unfortunately it was unprotected vaginal sex. The intercourse did not actually last but 5-6 minutes because the fact that i was pretty intoxicated and also sitting upright on a couch with her on top so i had trouble getting and keeping an erection. A while later I left and went out with some friends to a bar. 4 hours later while laying in bed my penis was extremly sore and shrunk.

3 days layer on Monday I went to see my gp because i still had the issue and my penis was very tender and the color of the head was a dark red/ purple color. At this time he examined me and reassured me i had just sustained "penile trauma" and that it just appeared bruised.

First week of October 2014- issue persists and also have upset stomach, constantly needing to urinate, very light almost not noticable discharge. Went to urgent care after work they took urine and also stuck a swab in my pee hole. At this point i started taking both a Z Pak and Doxycycline incase of infection, 3 days layer i got a call i infact had Chlamydia so i continued my cycle of drugs then took another 14 days 28 pills of doxycycline. And recommended when finished to go see a urologist.

December 2014- urologist check my urine, no swab and told me i was clear. At this point i had a slight pain in my testicles and my scrotum but urologist said everything looked and felt normal. I also still had the irritation to my penis head ( wrinkled discolored skin and my urethral meatus looked swollen) urologist said i was all good.

January 2015- penis head still hurts, feels very irritated when rubbing on my underpants. I could not get in with urologist so i paid a visit to my GP. Told them everything, plus at this point ihad so much anxiety and worry i had them run a full blood screen on me aswell. I told them I thought i may have herpes because of the texture on my penis and the meatus being swollen i thought maybe it was a blister and not the meatus itself. 3 weeks later i get a call with all my results HIV, HSV 1 and 2, hepatitis, and every other std detectable by blood. ALL NEGATIVE!!!

February 2015- symptoms still persists plus im having muscle soreness, tingling throughout my body plus acne and dry skin. Visit GP they tell me im fine other then an upper respiratory infection and that if my penis is still bothering me to go see a urologist. Urologist tells me im fine and may have a slight hydrocele ( fluid sack) inside my sack.

March 15- same story different month, no doctor visits.

April 15- started having slight pain in my taint/gooch area and bright red blood when i whip after going #2.

May 15- same symptoms as April so i visit the urologist he set me up to get an ultrasound of my scrotum and perscribed me some medication for the swelling and tightness in my nut sack. Medication was the same as Aleve but 500mg pills.

June 15- have ultrasound done and then follow up with urologist. He in fact tells me i have a hydrocele around my left testicle. Otherwise he said my penis looked normal. Though it still is discolored, wrinkled, now when flaccid it looks much smaller then it used to. Also my meatus still looks as it did almost like my urethra is turning inside out.

July 15- took a vacation. Testicle pain has nearly gone away although my scrotum is still much tighter then it was prior to getting chlamydia. Especially tight when first waking in the morning or during/after showering. At this point I've began to have sex again, reconnecting with the women i dated before all this. Sex is good i get and keep an erection, make good penetration, but when I ejaculate my right testicle lifts up tight almost like is going to get sucked into my stomach.

August 15- still have tight scrotum still have irritated skin on penis head meatus still looks like lips blowing a kiss.

September 15- same as August but skin seems to be more irritated or chaffed. GP says im still fine.

October 15- first of the month i visted a female dermatologist because i also have had itchy elbows which has gone on for years but with everything else i decided to get it looked at along with the acne tjat i said popped up last year which was on the sides of my legs and on my neck. Turns out i had psoriasis on my elbows and wrist and was givin a gel for that. For the acne i was giving doxycycline. It has now been 3 weeks since then and psoriasis is almost gone, acne has cleared alot. But now... My penis is so sore meatus hurts, i walk 8 to 10 miles a day work and it is so painful to even take a few steps now. Someone please help. Ive spent thousands of dollors on doctor visits and drugs and creams. And now my anxiety it so bad that I just feel like breaking down all the time. I've also convinced myself to i possibly have hpv or herpes and thats why my meatus is deformed and sore. Please help me im desperate, relationship wise im the happiest ive ever been and i dont want to ruin this.

Thank you very much.
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I have the same problem.i think what has happened is either we damaged the urethra (turning inside out) I believe the inside is very sensitive. My email is ***@**** maybe we can both figure it out
did you ever get to the bottom of this I have had the same thing more or less a long time ?
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