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deformed penis

I am 62 yrs old. For the past six months I have noticed a deformation of my penis when erect. Erections are not painful but it curves upward at about 20 degrees. Deformation occurs about 1/3 of the way back from the head. I suspected peyronie's disease and a GP sent me for an ultrasound but there was no sign of plaques or calcium deposits. Erections are not painful but at times, unrelated to erection or urination, there is a short term discomfort coming from the penile area. Urination is not blocked or painful and there is no apparent discharge. I am not diabetic but borderline (124). My uric acid tested high, I have periodic kidney stones and can have high cholesterol depending on diet. To the touch there does not appear to be any lumps in the area where curvature begins. Are there other possibilities?

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From the symptoms it sounds like Peyronie’s disease only. Peyronie's disease is the name for a sharp curve in the penis. Scar tissue under the skin of the penis causes the curve. There is no cure for Peyronie's disease. Medicines like aminobenzoate potassium or vitamin E help some men. Other treatment options include intralesional injection and surgery. Once the treatment is completed then there should not be any problem in sex life. Please discuss this with a urologist.
Hope it helps. Take care and regards.
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For the last 6 months or so my penis shaft has changed it's shape. At the bottom of the  shaft the diameter is smaller and thicker in the middle and it gets smaller towards the top. I can still have sex but the change bothers me and it might be a medical problem. Also my sex life has slowed down. Do I have a problem with the way it has changed. It's something that doesn't hurt. Thank YYou
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