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dysejaculation / burning after ejaculation

Hi all,

I got a UTI (Ureaplasma) sometime back which was cleared with antibiotics. Around the same time, during masturbation, I heard a vein stretch sound and I stopped masturbation for a few days.
Now, since last 1.5 months, I have got some burning / little uncomfortable to touch penis tip and shaft for a day or 2 after ejaculation.
All urine tests including urine culture, urine STI tests, semen culture were clear. I got my prostate examined and PSA test done which was okay.
Only thing I found in Ultrasound is mild Varicocele but my guess is that is not related given other things were normal.

Can you think of anything that could be causing this issue?
Could it be some infection in Prostate which was not picked in Semen analysis?
Is it worth doing a STI tests using semen (if it is possible that bacteria is not in urethra) ?  or any other thoughts?

Thank you for taking out time to read and/or answer.
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If you had an STD, it would be in your urine. You don't need a semen test. You really do not have an STD. Are you still worried about the protected oral where you felt the condom got loose? Seriously, you are fine from that. Your tests have more than proven that.

I am sure I have said this before, but even if the condom was loose, any germs would still have to get around the sides of the condom, travel up the inside of it and then around to enter your urethra. That did not happen.

Here are some reasons why you might have the symptoms you do -


The only things left to examine are the structure of your urethra, and kidney stones. I doubt it's either because all this started after this encounter, but check it out if you need to.

Make sure you are hydrated - drink water, not caffeine, juices or alcohol. Avoid energy drinks. Keep up with your hygiene. And please, if you can not let the idea of an STD go, get some therapy. I say that with compassion, not criticism. You have had all the testing, and science is telling you that you don't have one. You deserve to find peace with this.
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Thank you for your response auntiejessi!

I got Ureaplasma from oral with protection. It got cleared in urine with a dose of Doxy for a week, bit there is still burning after ejaculation and no issues with urination where both urine and semen pass through urethra. Prostate examination and tests, Urine tests are all clear, Ultrasound of penis/pelvic area/scrotum/lower abdomen show no structural problems and no issues with kidneys.

It will be good to have some information on these:
1. Are bacteria always visible in Urine if they are in Urethra (weather they are STIs or other)?
2. Is it possible for Prostate/Semen to have some bacteria which is not present in Urine/Urethra ?

Looking forward to your response!
You didn't get it from oral with protection. It's impossible. You could have had it without symptoms, which is very common and not harmful, and when you tested, they found it. Or it had enough time to grow enough to cause the UTI.

1 - Yes. Most often, tests on semen are only done if looking for reasons why men are infertile. They are not nearly as accurate as urine tests.
2 - No, the bacteria would be in your urine.

You have had all the appropriate testing to rule out a bacteria causing this.

There are lots of reasons why you might have burning.


Are you on an antidepressant medication? That can cause it, as can other meds. Diabetes can cause it, as well as other nervous system disorders.

If you are on an antidepressant, do not stop it without talking to your doctor. Many need to be slowly tapered down or they can cause serious neurological problems.

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