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ejaculation issue

I lost the ability to really "shoot" when orgasming years ago - I think I first noticed this happening in my late thirties, and I am now in my 50's.  is this to be expected with aging, and if not, why would it happen?

Unfortunately being able to "shoot"  is the main source of pleasure for me at climax, so nowadays orgasms feel a bit underwhelming.

Recently the issue seems to have gotten worse and sometimes very little ejaculate comes out at all.

I have noticed there is one way I can get anything close to ejaculating: by applying pressure to my perineum. For some reason, that "pushes" out the fluid, but if I don't dot hat, it just won't come out.

Is anyone else experiencing anything like this? I would like to figure out why it would it be necessary to press the perineum to have something more like a normal ejaculation, and if there is anything I can do to restore more normal function.  

I have been doing kegel exercises as well as some stretches for the pelvic floor muscles, but have not noticed any benefit.
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