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enlarged prostate

I have been suffering from bph  for last 1 year.  i had ultrasound of prostate done twice at 3 months interval,   both time showed mildly enlarged prostate. I had frequent urination, every two to three hours at night,  I was asked to take finasteride 5mg every day.  which i did for about a month, however, this resulted in erectile dysfunction, so i stopped taking finasteride, after which the ED has gone.

can u suggest other medication for mildly enlarged prostate.  I am 63, male, under the following medication every day
1)amias 8mg every night for high bp
2)finasteride 1mg every night for baldness
3)statin 20mg for high cholesterol about 210

please advise.

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How long have you been on the finasteride for baldness?

Finasteride has certain side effects, one of which is erectile dysfunction.

Even small amounts of finasteride can cause this side effect.
Other medication for an enlarged prostate to minimize urinary frequency include tamsulosin. You can try Flomax or Urotel and see how you respond to these agents which work at the bladder level.

It would be better, however, to consult your urologist regarding a change in prescription in view of the side effects caused by the finasteride.

Additionally, avoid prostate irritants like caffeine and alcohol, consume plenty of fluids, limit fluids a few hours before bed time, and avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time, especially on ill-padded surfaces.

Do keep us posted.
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thank you for your reply.  i am on finasteride 1mg per day for the last 1and half month.
when i was taking finasteride 5mg the erection was extremely weak, almost nil, even seimen was thin and decreased in quantity.  when i reverted to 1 mg the erection improved but not firm.  so i take viagra 50mg for firm erection.

i have heard that regular ejaculation, help enlarged prostate shrink, is this true.

yakub karim
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It would be best not to use two pharmacological agents antagonistically, even if the effects are side effects.

This means that since it is obvious that the finasteride is responsible for the erectile dysfunction, the viagra should not be used to counter it.

It would be better to switch to another drug for your problem.

Regular ejaculation, about 3-4 times a week, has been considered ideal for keeping the prostate healthy. This is based on the capacity of the average prostate in producing semen and may vary from individual to individual.

Ejaculation too infrequently or in excess of the prostate gland's capacity to produce semen can result in prostate irritation and can predispose to infection.

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