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enlargement of left testes

I am having a very enlarged left testicle for past 2 days, when any thing touches it, it pains severly, and also having low abdominal pain.please help me. is this severe or normal?please reply.
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I suggest you check for hernia, also consult a docter at the earliest it could be because of multiple causes like fluid collection or cyst formation.
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Unilateral painful enlargement of the testis can be due to chorditis,orchitis,testicular torsion,testicular cust,hydrocele or testicular tumors.

I would suggest an immediate urologist’s evaluation because conditions like testicular torsion are medical emergencies and timely medical intervention are required to save the testis.

I hope that helps.Take care and regards.

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the right side of my testes is larger(times 2) than the other side.. and it's quite painful rating it to 3 out of 10.. and i can't feel in touch or see the right side of my testes.  and its quite developing. i feel that it started to increase in size.
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