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excessive mucous in urine

I have excessive mucous in my urine. I don't see it every time I urinate but several times a weak (3-4). I'm a 30 year old, male. I'm in a monogamous relationship and don't really think it's a UTI because there no pain or urinary urgency or pain. My fiancee' has never tested positive for UTIs with her pap smears. I do workout frequently and believe I see an increase / positive correlation in the mucous strands when I drinking protein shakes. Could this be secondary to slight dehydration? I also think I notice it more when I'm stooling. I've notice this for probably a year or so. Do you think I should be concerned. Could it be related in anyway to prostate issues?
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The lining of the urinary tract keeps on producing the mucus so that the lubrication is maintained. I don’t think you need to worry on that count. However, for reassurance, you can get the urine examined and maybe get an ultrasound of the urinary tract done. Mucus in urine can be due to infection or stones in urine or retrograde ejaculation( in males).

I suggest you to get your urine examination and urine culture done. In some cases cystoscopy needs to be done. Hopefully, everything should come back as normal. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.

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today is 1/20/11
I too have found a correlation between protein shakes and the white mucus.
DId you ever find out anything else?
I realize your post was sometime ago, but just wondered
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