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fatigue after ejaculation

hello! i am 17 and i want to clear some confusions. we all feel fatigue after ejaculation, after how many days does one restore his normal body state? over masturbation is not good, if i masturbate today, after how many days is it advisable to masturbate again? thanks
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    Thanks for writing in. Masturbation (when there is no regular intercourse, or intercourse too infrequently) is actually a  healthy practice. It is almost as good as prostrate milking for maintaining a healthy prostate and sexual system. There are a large number of health problems that can occur from over masturbating like chronic fatigue, back pain, slow erections, poor concentration etc.

It is necessary to ejaculate regularly to maintain health and healthy sperm. But over masturbation depletes your body of energy and vital mineral elements (primarily Zinc).
Frequent masturbation (Over Masturbation) and ejaculation stimulate excessive acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions. A large amount of these hormones and neurotransmitters causes the brain and the adrenal glands to perform excessive dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion. With Over Masturbation, there is actually a big change in the body chemistry. If this continues for a long period of time, physiological changes occur.

If you are having regular sexual intercourse, no masturbation is necessary. If, you are not, masturbation (not Over Masturbation) is both healthful and necessary to maintain your health. If your are feeling fatigued, achey, irritable, etc on a regular basis, it could be Over Masturbation and this should be avoided.
Take care.

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hello i am 19,
for about the last 6 mounths every time i have sex or masterbate it seems that my body just collapse. It is almost like my muscles become very week mostly my arms and neak. during sex is when i collapse on top of my partner and dont have the strength to push my self up off her.
i am a very fit person, i weight train 4 days a week for close to 2 hours
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The muscles pain may be typical flu-like form of Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome described by dr Marcel Waldinger.
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thanks a lot for the info....i feel tired only when i am masturbating after a long time......what would be a healthy frequency of masturbation then...??
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A new book is out that addresses the issue of ejaculation fatigue. the title is "CONQUER POST EJACULATION FATIGUE" It can be found on Amazon, Kobo , Smash etc
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How much is over masturbation i mean is it ok to masturbate once or twice a week or is this also over masturbation.your guidance is needed.thanks
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Hi, Dr_Veena I think after readign all this articles about Ejaculation fatigue I may have POIS (post orgasmic illness sydnrome) after a long powerful orgasm I get sluggish and tired, cant concentrate (or find simple things like where did i put my fn keys or Mug) get severe neck pain feel muscular weekness and irratibility, sometime my eyes feel sore and itchy (maybe from looking at too much porn who knows). Is this really an onset illness or did God intend ius men to be this way (so you cant go look for another mate). Usually it takes me about 12 to 24 hours before I get myself back on par with energy. if i do it before a job i can concentrate socially.
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im almost 60 and i don't have sex since divorced 12 years ago so when i get excited every 3 months or so i get aches for a day or so is that a problem?
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My masterbation time is very less. So is it means I m impotent? And is regularly masterbation is reason of it?
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Why you get tired after ejaculation is you stimulate hormones that effect the adrenal gland  causing  dopamine and epinephrene and i am not going to bother to spell the other to convert and basically that is why you get tired after ejaculation Dr. Josef Popov Moscow Central Medical Center
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