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feces carryover in urine

  Thank you for taking the time to consider my question.
  A family member is having a problem with her bowels carrying over into
  her urine. She has not had a bowel movement in over a week, but instead
  has had to contend with a constant seepage of the mixed waste material.
  She has had a hiserectomy (20 years ago). The problem is worsening as
  time goes on. She is going in for further tests this Friday and we'd
  appreciate any feedback from you before that time if possible. If
  this isn't possible, the input would still be most welcome after. Thank
  you again . . . your forum has already helped us with a problem that
  my son had endured for 4 years before your involvement!
Dear Dale,
The condition you describe is called a fistula. Common causes of fistulas in women include, surgery, radiation, and cancer. Hysterectomy is commonly performed for both benign ( noncancerous ) and malignant ( cancerous ) causes. When it is performed for malignancy, radiation  is  often  given postoperatively. Fistulas can form between any of the pelvic organs near the  previously operated upon uterus. These include the vagina, bladder, and colon/rectum.
Treatment for the fistula is surgical. The operations are performed either through the vagina ( transvaginal ) or via the abdomen ( abdominal ) approaches. The choice of  type of operation depends on several factors. First, the surgeon considers whether or not the cause of the fistula is due to recurrent cancer. If extensive abdominal dissection is required to assess lymph nodes then the abdominal approach is best. Second, the position of the fistula may make access better through one approach as opposed to the other. Overall this problem is highly correctable . Therefore I hope you will see a urologist or gynecologist soon to avoid prolonging your discomfort.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.  Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition. More individualized care is available at the Henry Ford Hospital and its suburban locations (1 800 653 6568).
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