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feeling constantly under the weather

I live in the tropics and have been here for 5 years now with a clean bill of health until 6 months ago when I started to feel very fatigued, dizzy and nauseous. The symptoms would come and go but I would normally have very soft stool and sometimes mild stomach upsets, I put this down to the less than sanitary environment. A month ago I suffered for the first time a gout attack in my left foot which passed quickly. Two weeks ago I noticed a very dark colour to my urine and tests proved that crystals had formed leading to a UTI. Antibiotics that were prescribed cleared up the problem almost instantly but again this week I have had a reoccurrence coupled with mild back pain, nausea (no vomiting), diarrhea for a day leading to trace elements of what looked like parasites in very watery stool, dizziness and a general feeling of unwellness. I took a repeat course of antiobiotics and the urine returned to a normal yellow colour then to very clear almost watery appearance. My appetite has diminished as have my energy levels, I have a feint headache, low sex drive and people have noticed that I have lost weight slightly. I am concerned that this may be kidney stones, stress related (my job has been very stressful for the last few years) or that there may be an underlying more serious medical issue. Can anyone advise on what they consider these symptoms may represent?

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From your symptoms, it looks like some kidney and GI problem like gastroenteritis, infection of the GI tract or irritable bowel syndrome.

Get a complete blood count, urine examination, kidney function tests like urea and creatinine and stool examination done to rule out these causes. Till then drink plenty of water, Wash hands thoroughly with a antiseptic soap after using the toilet or before handling food, Clean bathrooms and toilets often especially the toilet seats and taps and Avoid raw vegetables and street foods. Also drink clean and boiled water.
I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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Thank you for your response, today I have had a full blood count taken and will await response. Again thanks for your response and I will update the outcome in due course.
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