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foamy urine

I have been experiancing foamy urine for several months most but not all times when I urinate.  It is white in colour, usually enough bubbles to cover the entire bowl but not usually any higher and doesn't seem to matter how concentrated my urine is.  I've had several urine dipsticks that all appear normal.  My last urinalysis was in May and it was normal.  All bloodwork has always appeared normal except bilirubin which is always slightly high.  (Hepatologist diagnosed Gilberts syndrome)

I am 40 year old male and I take no regular medication but I do take fish oil, vitamin d, taurine 1000mg, magnesium 400mg, coenzyme q10.  

I have no other symptoms.  Can you please comment.  I have a full physical booked for 3 weeks from now.

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Dear montos,

You need not worry about the foamy urine. It may be normal in some people. As your urine dipstick and all other lab tests are normal, I do not see any cause for concern. Please do not be anxious about it.

Hope that this information helps.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Rajiv Goel
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