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had BC surgery on September 1st in Vegas the tumor was  typ 0 non invasive PC
removed 7 pc of 2- 3.5 cm califlower shape  tumors successfully
went home the same day .no problem no particular pain
with catheter  
emoved the catheter on the 2nd day after
Drinking 1-2 liter water daily)and that time my urine was fluctuaed from the crystal clear 2-3 days in a row till blood cloth in the urine with  redish/ornage color for one day
Sept 16 I went back to my doc for a chek up he did a culture urine test came back negative.. no infection

from September 19 till today suddenly I felt that have to urinate evry 20 -30-minite day time and the same at nite !
So now I have to weare diper during the day after peeing in my pens 3 consequtive times on the Septmebr 19 during driving. home....
I called the doctor and he said this is "normaI" .and Ihad to go back tohim in 3 month to check if the cancer came back or not
In the meantime I had to leave Vegas for overseas on Septmebr 22 till Janury for family reason.....
Q; is this condition is part of the nromal healing .....or .....??

Q./and if yes than how  long before I could be back to normal Pee like I can hold longer and without any diper ..it seems like that what ever I drinking  coming after a couple minutes comes  rigth out  trough me without any control and the same time Ihave a painful burning sensation on the tip of my penis

Q. the other day I did an experienc like I did not drink at all from from 1000 am til 600pm .I still had to go to pee, and guess what I peed almost pure blood in the urine with a lot's of blood cloth coming out ....this was rely a freigthening and an unexpected sceen ..to see so much blood and blood cloth coming out !

Rigth after around  7;08pm drank 1 liter water and approx 18 minutes later the urine was crystal clear..again!.
I can NOT get a good sleep ever since and this is taking a toll on my daily work...
what is happening with me?!

The Traveler      
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Dear traveler888,

I understand from your history that you underwent bladder tumor resection and were apparently well after that.

The symptoms of frequency and no control on urine that you describe are apparently due to infection or overflow incontinence.  You also seem to be bleeding after resection and it is quite possible due to infection. You need to be reinvestigated with urine examination, urine culture and ultrasound examination. You probably also need to be started on some antibiotics after the culture has been done.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards.
Dr. Rajiv Goel
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