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frequent urination, pain in the urethra and clitoris

My symptoms started after an unfortunate event. I was dating someone new and the condom broke. Two weeks later after my menstruation i was experiencing symptoms of excruciating pain, not only in my vagina but i felt it in my cervix as well and it was all red. I also had bad smelling pee.  A ran to my gynecologist and asked for an STD test, however due to lack of discharge he only checked me for chlamydia and he did a general swab. I was given azithromycin for 6 days, ciprofloxacin for 5 days and flagyl ovules. I felt fine after the treatment and my doctor told me i did not have chlamydia. My life went on, i only was experiencing a mild yellowish discharge but i didn't really bother about that (too bad, my mistake). My symptoms came back in june, this time with painful urination. I did not have intercourse between the two periods. I went back to my gyno, he checked me again for chlamydia and did a swab, gave me 3 days worth of azithromycin, but he only find candida and lots of leucocytes. He prescribed me flagyl and fluconazol, but my symptoms didnt went away, it became more severe, i felt pain in my lower abdomen almost everywhere, around my ovaries as well. I freaked out and ran back to him, he said that the inflammation got a little better and that he couldnt see anything wrong on the US, so he prescribed me ciprofloxacin. I couldn't take that, it had really bad side effects. Went back, gave me Monural and metronidazol again. I still had lower abdominal pain so i booked an appointment to an STD clinic, they did a test for chlamydia, gonorrhoea , ureaplasma, mycoplasma genitalium but everything came back negative. I also had a vaginal culture which showed Klebsiella pneumonia and got cefuroxime for that.  Between the testing and the last antibiotic  was 4,5 weeks. I might be scared that after all that useless antibiotic therapy my tests were false negatives despite the fact that i waited more than a month to took the test. After all that misery and sleepless nights due to pain im still having symptoms this time more urinary tract related. The pain was so severe, even 800 mg of ibuprofen didnt help sometimes. Went back again to a different gyno,  he was so clueless about  why i still had  this , he sad that it might be endometriosis, so he switched my birth controll pills. I never had severe menstruation pain, never had problem during sex, i never had endometriosis related symptoms. He only find something in my Douglas area, that he touched and i said that it was painful so he assumed that i was an endometrial tissue. The pain around my lower area got better around time, but now i have pain in my clitoris. It is throbbing all the time, i feel a constant pressure around that area. After the birth controll change , i experienced severe pain in my bladder area, it was like someone was stabbing it with a knife, the pain was again really bad, ibuprofen didnt help, have to go every hour to the bathroom. I couldnt hold my urine longer than two hours , and i didnt drink that much. It was like a really bad UTI, but i neglected the symptoms because i was waiting for the STD test results. I was so sure i got some nasty bug from my partner and i still think he might gave me something in february. I went to a urologist after the cefuroxime treatment , they did a urine test, it came back negative (the test was done after one day of finishing the antibiotics). They didnt give me anything so i went back to the gyno , he said everything is fine with my genital area, it must be a UTI, so he gave me levofloxacin , uva ursi and D-mannose. My symptoms got better a little bit, i dont feel like my bladder is going to kill me anytime, but still i need to urinate frequently. After the levofloxacin, i went to a diffenrent urologist, a private one and asked him about interstitial cystitis , but he said that it is a really bad UTI and i should take more uva ursi. This might sound weird, but uva ursi does help with the pain, it is worst without it. Right now my symptoms are : throbbing clitoral pain, pressure in my urethra, frequent urination, sometimes it is painful. Could this really be intersitial cystitis or urethral syndrome? I am thinking of redoing the urine culture after the antibiotics. 10 days will be enough time to wait after levofloxacin? Do someone has the same symptoms as i have? I feel like my life has ended, i always feel bad and sick, though right  now it is better than it was two weeks ago. Maybe i was just overreacting the whole condom broke situation, or the test result were altered by antibiotics and i have an STD?  I dont have a discharge and due to fish like smell , i used lactobacilli to get my pH level back. Where should i go, i feel like nobody knows what is really my problem. I even went to a psychologist, i am scared that it could be just in my head(that realationship ended really bad , he dumped me over messenger and overall was super bad). I asked the same questions at the doctors office, but they all seem clueless. I repeated the STD test at a different place but they said they needed a month to get my results back(it is ridiculous, it is only two weeks). Maybe the antibiotics altered my urine culture? When i was on levofloxacin they did a urinalasys  , that was also normal. I have so many questions and i dont know where my story got wrong. I should have gone to and STD clinic the first time, but in my country they are not well known and i struggled to find one, so a gyno was the fastest way to get treated and relief my pain. Maybe after all this antibiotics every test will be false negative? Pls someone help me, my life is a mess right now and i want to feel normal again and to have a normal life!!
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