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groin pain that comes and goes

Right after having a partial hysterectomy (still have both ovaries)  3-4 years ago, I noticed a small grape sized lump near my groin area (very painful), my doctor said it could just be swollen lymph node (not sure if thats right) from the surgery.

It has been 3-4 years now and I still have pain in my groin area but there in no lump now.  It last for up to a week sometimes, then comes back in a month or so.  Sometimes if I have to urinate when I'm having this pain it feels like something in that area will explode if I don't urinate immediatly.  At times it hurts to cough.

I was thinking it could be a femoral hernia, but there is no lump, and I wouldn't think a hernia would bother me when I have to urinate.  

Since it just about happens every other month could it have something to do with ovaries and that time of month?  

If I went to the doctor for this, would I have to go thru umteen million test to find out what it is?  And then they say theres nothing we can do for this?

Any advice would be appreciativly taken.
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