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hard pea sized lump in right testilce epididymis

8 months ago I complained of a painful twinge in my right testilce. My primary care physician said I had a hernia which was operated on 6 months ago. The twinge was still there but I thought it was in my mind or something else because it's so inconsistant and self examinations felt normal except a little soreness in the right testi now and then.

Last night I felt the twinge found a hard pea/bb sized lump that seems to be in or above the epididymis. It's hard to find but when I do that's where the twinge is coming from!! I can feel it when I touch it.

I plan to see my primary care doc tomorrow but I wonder if anyone else has had this and what it was.

A little scared..
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This does not sound something urgent and should not cause you much alarm. You had a history of surgery in the area and this may contribute to your current symptoms. I know you are anxious about this but I do suggest that you  pursue your consult with your physician. A complete physical examination and a scrotal ultrasound will be able to help.

Here are some differentials for your case:

sebaceous, or epidermal, cyst
testicular tumor

Do keep us posted with regards to physician's advice.
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Thank you Vanessa,

My Primary Care Doc said not to worry infact He couldn't find the lump it took me some time to find it when I got home. Basically he said to call if I want to see a urologist but he wouldn't unless it got bigger. So I'm just gonna press on.

Also, I'm scheduled for PAO periacetabular osteotomy surgery for adult hip dysplasia next month. (Yeah, I'm a train wreck right now) :) so when my right hip is painful it can hurt down my leg into my groin and around my backside. I'm wondering if the twinge could be from my hip also. Either way I think I'll get my hip fixed and hope it all goes away afterwords.

Thanks again.
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