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harsh pain in the pelvis and burning in my penis what could this be ???

hi urology im hoping some1 on here can help me out ive been having alot of painful symptoms the last few weeks which are getting werse , it all started over a month ago when i went into a&e with pain in the pelvic/pubic area burning in my penis ( at the tip ) and bad perineal pain ( i suffer with pudendal nerve damage so i get perineal and sciatic pain from this anyway) but was having alot of difficulty passing water and getting an erection - note these are not symptoms of my pudendal problem anyway i was diagnosed with epididymo orchitis even though i had no testes pain but they were very red n tender according to the dr examination , i was given antibiotics ( cefradine 500mg and trimethoprim 200mg when i finshed the first antibiotic ) the problem got so much better it almost went away , i went to my gp explaining that this hadnt completly gone and after his examination he said it must be a virus and not bacterial , now for the last week the same symptoms have returned so bad that im virtually stuck in bed in agony - im not sure if my gp is correct i have had an sti test that was clear even though i havent had intercourse in a very long time but i think i may have prostatitis or this epididymo orchitis again im not sure the symptoms are similar , i have experineced some low back and buttock pain and burning while passing water aswell as the pelvic and penis pains , i am unsure what to do as im afriad my doc will say the same as before a virus and that its uncommon for prostate inflammation at my age that it will pass in a few weeks ,  its very painful and im going out of my mind with this i cannot see a urologist without refferal from him so im not sure what to do and would be gratefull if anyone could respond to me . thanks
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