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help with urination problem

hello Doctor thank you for your time,

I am a 28 yr old male. In the past two days i have had a irritating feeling like i have to pee all the time.
when i do urinate it is a steady stream with no blood and no discharge, it does not sting and my penal tip / urethra opening is not in any pain and does not appear to be aggrevated or swollen. Also i have sore muscles, kidneys etc. On Monday i had a very stressful day and anxiety got the best of me. also in the past week before this issue occured i had increased my water consumption and was obviously peeing a great deal more.

1. could this feeling be brought on from stress where in turn i stressed my nerves muscles that effect urination?
2. could the muscles be so used to the rhythym of increased urination from before the issue arised that it messed things up?
3. considering no signs and symptoms of std are present could it be a std?

thank you for your time.
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