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hi my urine anaysis reads as under

I am 56 old male. My urine analysis reads as under:
colour: pale yellow
raction: acid
specific gravity: 1.020
albumin present +
sugal nil
bile salts absent
bile pigments -ve
ketone bodies - ve
pus cells 5-6 hpf
epithelial cells 3-4 hpf
rbc 10-15 hpf
crystals absent
cast basent
does it indicate any problem
i would appreciate your help/guidance
thanks and regards
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What you have sent me is a report of urine routine examination. First of all I would like you to elaborate on the type of symptoms you are having so that I can guide you appropriately. One by one I will guide you through the report:
Color: Well the color is highly nonspecific indicator; depending on hydration status, diet etc the color of urine changes. It is diagnostic in some genetic disorders like Phenylketonuria etc.  Pale yellow urine is normal.
Specific gravity: Measure the density of urine. Again very nonspecific.
Albumin: Is present in almost every normal individual.
Sugar: Nil is normal. Positive in diabetics.
Bile salt, pigments: Normal.
Ketone bodies: Seen in diabetics. Negative is normal.
Epithelial cells: Lining the urethral tract; it is common to be found in urine.
Pus cell: Pyuria (presence of pus cells) refers to the presence of abnormal numbers of leukocytes that may appear with infection in either the upper or lower urinary tract or with acute glomerulonephritis. Usually, the WBC's are granulocytes. White cells from the vagina, especially in the presence of vaginal and cervical infections, or the external urethral meatus in men and women may contaminate the urine.

If two or more leukocytes per each high power field (microscopic) appear in non-contaminated urine, the specimen is probably abnormal. Leukocytes have lobed nuclei and granular cytoplasm. For males, the presence of 1-2 WBC is normal; for females- it's up to 4.
Red blood cells may suggests a glomerular disease such as a glomerulonephritis. Dysmorphic RBC's have odd shapes as a consequence of being distorted via passage through the abnormal glomerular structure. Theoretically, no red cells should be found, but some find their way into the urine even in very healthy individuals. However, if one or more red cells can be found in every high power field, and if contamination can be ruled out, the specimen is probably abnormal.
Since you do have increased pus cell and RBC I suggest you either get back to me with details if you are comfortable with it or else contact your family physician.

Dr Sylvester, MD
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Thank your for your advise.I shall revert back
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