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hydroechoic area at epididymis, lower back, pelvic & testicular pain
hello everyone,

im treated from last 5 months for UTI and but i never get positive urine cultutre for bacteria in two different tests. I have pain in lower back , pelvic area and now in testicle too. 1.5 month earlier i found a lump above my right testicle, i went to see urologist(2 different) and they said they are normal and i still did color doppler ultrasound for testicle.

report saying:

"I have normal testicle both in size and outline. testicular perenchyma shows homogenous texture on both sides, no exaggreted vascularity was noted in or around it.

A 6.1x4.2 mm hypoechoic area is seen in head region of right epididymis same 6x3mm area seen in head of left epididymis, midly exaggerated vascularitywas noted in or around--could be focal epidymitis.

No free fluid seen. few extra testicular tortuous vessels are seen on either side, which increase valsalva maneuver. the finding are suggestive of early varicoceles, right>left."

my doc saying not to worry this is normal? and kept me on 200 mg on zanocin for 4 weeks but after 3weeks of antibiotics i still having pain and uncomfortable feeling(less but sometime more).

Im prietty scare due to pain with ongoing treatment.

I asked docs for ct scan they all said not need to!!!

Im 26m BTW
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