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Posted By Cindy on November 24, 1998 at 20:48:32:

I have a question reguarding hypospadius (not sure on spelling).
My 6 yr old son was born with this deformitiy of his penis.  His  
Pediatrition refered us to see a urologist.  The urologist
explained about the condition and we discussed the option of
surgery.  We decided to wait since it was not causing any
complications with him urinating, ect.   My son had a drs. appt.
today.  His regular doctor was not in, and he was seen by one of
his associates.  He was very insistant that we go see the urologist
again and discuss having the surgery.  My son is still not having
any complications with this condition.  I dont want to put him thru
an unneccasary surgery.  Could you explain the pros and cons of
waiting to have the surgery.  Thank you.  Cindy
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