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i believe i have testi cancer

ok here we go hopefully someone can help me out im a 33 year old male of course no health insuranc and they say i make to much to get it so im screwe thats why i came here to get some insight i have been haveing pain in my testis for a while now that shoots down my legs not only that but i felt things on them the hospital tells me there cyst then they say to me well you need to get something done yor to young to die of cancr then send me home the ew thing i had happen today is i felt like i was running a fever so i took my temp it was 96.7 f then i felt dizzy and got a headache sso i walk ou on the porch for a quik second came back in the house took my temp  again and guess what it was 95.4 f now i have read on the intenet that below 95 is hypothermia so im trying to figure out what is wron i know something is also when i was breathinginn yesterday it felt like something under my long ripped and then was paining me of  AND on for the last few days please anyone that can give me insight i beg of you thanks paul williams
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