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i feel like i need to urinate but dont have to

Recently with in the last hour i felt the normal need to urinate, i went and as soon as i was done i felt the pressure like if i was holding it for a long time and i needed to go, but it seemed there was no urine left. After that i keep feeling the urge and pressure to urinate and when i try to either nothing happens ore a very very small amount comes out.  I feel no pain. Should i go to my doctor? I don't have insurance and would like to avoid a medical check up if there is nothing wrong
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it sounds like you have a bladder infection.  When you do urinate does it hurt or burn?  I have a bladder infection right now and thats what happens to me.  I feel like I have to go and then when I do go nothing comes out but a little bit.  Then I still feel like I have to go.  You need to go to a urology dr.  They will give you an antibiotic for it...
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For some reason, the last day or so i feel like i constantly need to urinate. But when i go only i litlle bit comes out!! Also, im still unconfortable after iv been to the loo, and sometimes it really hurts to sit down!! could this just be something that will go away or do i need to see a doctor?
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i went on this new diet and since yesterday i have been drinking nothing but water. then this morning after i urinated i have had the urge to urine but when i do very little come out. and there is a weird little feeling afterward. i have had a urinary trac infection before and i had BP. but the funny feeling when i urine is not as intense as it was with those infections.  what should i do?
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I have dealt with this urge to urinate for the 2 weeks and was being treated for a UTI, a week of Bactrim did not work so I went back tot he Dr and was give 3 days of Cipro while I waited for a urine culture which came back negative. So now I am very concerned why I have this urge to pee all the time with blood in my urine. Anyone had any ideas?? I am to make an appointment with a Urologists here soon.
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Hi All:

I have some problems with urine, when I urinate sometime it takes 5- 10 minutes to come out, even the pressure exists there and bladder feels to be full but it takes long time to urinate especialy in winter season. Secondly if I just few drops of hot water on my penis the Urine immediately comes out?

Can any of you tell me what is this?

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I go through this on and off. As time has gone by it has gotten worse, when it does happen. Then i started getting an irritate feeling after i urinated. I thought maybe i was having a UTI or bladder infection, but the doctor said my urine was clean. We ran a vaginal test and it was clean also. When i had my period it was even worse. Then I started noticing if I had anything carbonated it was worse, if i ate acidy foods it was worse. She thought i may have whats known as IC. Interstitial Cystitis. and possible bladder spasms, which is why i feel like i have to pee and have a little burning discomfort. Only problem is there is no cure and they really don;t know what causes it. in extreme cases there is blood in urine, and people say it feels like people are kicking them in the stomach. I hate it, its annoying and discomforting when you sit at a desk all day. I also noticed if i drank alot of water it relieves the feeling a little.
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i had this today and my nurse told me its probably cystisis a minor bladder infection she told me to drink lots and lots and lots of water and to drink cranberry juice to stop in occuring again and if the symptons persist then go to my doctor  
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i feel i need2 wee all the time even wen im a sleep i never normely need 2 go at night time  also wen i go i get great pressure in my pelvis eria it is extremley painfull im onley 19 but hav had 2 children iv had this on and off 4 adout 1year iv bin 2 the docters and thay cant find eny thing plz hellp thanx kayleigh
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I have the same problem but i think its caused by my anxiety, to the people that have it when they try to sleep try mediation or something relaxing before going to bed.
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or anybody that has the same,can anxiety make u feel like u need to wee but nothing be there when u go.ive had this feelin constantly for 7months now,its all i think about 24 7 worrying that its somthing wrong that the docs avnt found?
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I have the most horrible nights, all i do the whole night is get up and pee, and more than half of the time there is only alittle drop that comes out.  It is the same thing all day too, and i asked my doc about it and she said that i have an overactive bladder and i would prob have to take a pill for the rest of my life.  I dont want to take a pill for the rest of my, so I guess I can live with it.(for now),
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I'm sure I have a Bladder infection but they cant get rid of it due to trying to find out what is causing very severe pain in my lower abdomen, as if I were punched below the belly button and with painful burning. I've had this problem for over 2 yrs now. Its very depressing. Any suggestions would be appreciated
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Female 24, For many months now, when i go to bed I keep feeling like I need to urinate but nothing much comes out, I have no burning sensation, no pain just the urge to go. Is this normal?

Also yesterday I went swimming after such a long time - 15 years and after about an hour I felt like there was warm fluid coming out from my vagina. I got scared thought i had started my period early, but then realised that it could have been pee - not sure what it was but happened many times for the next hour. What could it be
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Just thought I'd mention, I went to the Dr on Friday. The Dr did a Urine dip test and found a slight bit of Protine and a trace of blood. He thinks it could be a UTI but I am not sure as this urge is mainly at night just before bed and once am asleep i dont really wake to go to the loo again till about 4am.

However Since yesterday morning, i have had really bad lower back pain and stomach aches. I do normally suffer from IBS not sure whats going on! :o(
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ive had all the symtomps i.e needing to wee but nothing comes out or very litttle comes out and when it does come out it burns. I have Cystitis which is a bladder infection mainly caused by unclean sex or brusing whilst having sex but can also be caused by using soaps!! Its easy to treat just drink lots of water if it doesnt go within a few days see your gp. These syptoms can also be sypmtoms of Chlamidia.
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Just thought I'd let you all know, my urine sample results came back, all clear. I had some cranberry juice and that has helped. I don't feel the need to go to the loo during the day.

I do however, still feel like that just after getting into bed, but i think it is just in my mind.

As for the swimming thing, I went again and realised that it only happens when i was coming out of the water - basically the water is too cold for me and making me wee. I found out that this also happens to my father.
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this forum sucks
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What were the symptoms with your bladder infection?
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My 9 soon to be 10 yr. old feels the need to urinate constantly for the last week.  He even slept on the bathroom floor a couple of nights,then put a tin can next to his bed.  He does urinate but very little.  His nerves are so bad because he doesn't understand why this feeling doesn't go away.  I took him to the ER and they checked only the urine and it was clear.  He claims to have no other pains so we're clueless.  The ER Doc said some kids go thru this neurotic stage but I'm so worried about him..Any suggestions?
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Wow you all are struggling with the same type of symptoms but no one seems to offer solutions.  I have IC (Interstitial Cystitis) and am an IC support group leader here in Missouri and Arkansas, MOARK IC.  Our website has a lot of good info, on bladder pain whether from chronic infection or from IC.  Though there is no cure for IC there are many treatments that can help.  If you want to pm me I will gladly send any of you some links to information on treatments and things you can do to help your symptoms.

You are very far from alone as you can see by the large number of posts here, however you do not need to continue to live with these symptoms either, there is help!
By the way this is not something just in your head or caused because of emotions, though stress makes the symptoms worse it is not the cause.  Your son most likely has a real problem too that deserve the respect to help him find relief now, not waiting for him to out grow it.  IC is also know to effect children though few doctors know about it for young kids so it is often missed.  I have a book almost finished, I am only waiting on the pictures from a  PT with an interest in IC, who is also an artist.  I put it together only because of the lack of info out there for kids too! I hope to have it finished soon!!

Again, I will give any of you who pm me the links to help, we are just not supposed to post them here, sorry.

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this happens to me around once or twice a month. i have it right know but i noticed that after a while when i get my mind off it, it goes away. also when i drink lots of water and healthy stuff it stays away. now that i think about it i can feel the pressure but when i get my mind off it when typing i cannot feel it.
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ive kinda had the same problem.. at first they treated me for a bladder infection and gave me some antibiotic starting with nitroo blah blah it started clearing then wen i had finished th cycle it came back and even worse with stabbing pains. they put me in hospital and then put me on a new dose of antibiotics called trimethoprim but they arnt working etha its been 9 days now and i am reali uncomfortable and have been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. can anyone else help me. im urgent :(
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It is possible to have a chronic infection that does not show up on standard UA test
and as I mentioned above the symptoms you describe can also be Interstitial Cystitis.
Really the only one who can really tell the difference is a qualified Urologist or some gynecologists, or urogynecologists.  Often they will try various antibiotics to see what will help.  With a chronic uti you body gets used the bacteria so it may not show and not all bacteria are urea splitting organisms which means that not all of them give of the nitrate typical of infections.

Whether you have a chronic UTI or IC, your bladder lining is irritated, so you need to be careful what you eat and give it time to heal.  Cranberry though considered great to prevent infections is also very hard on the bladder.  D-Mannose is the part of cranberry or blueberry that keep the bacteria from attaching without the acidity.  On our MOARK IC website to help IC patients we have a whole section on diet with links etc too and a diet to try, see if it helps. Especially to let your bladder heal.  The BIG TRIGGERS THOUGH  are caffeine(soda, coffee,chocolate) cranberry or acidic fruits, soda, alcohol and even smoking.

Another option for those who seem to find their symptoms go away when they don't think about it etc. is Pelvic Floor dysfunction.  I was diagnosed with both a chronic UTI,  from deformities and calcifications in my kidneys, we had gone through several years of treatment and I ask my doctor's about  PFD but was assured I had very good muscle tone.  Finally with a referral to a pelvic pain PT, we learned my "Muscle Tone" was actually muscle spasms and my pelvic floor was in a constant state of spasms, 0 is the normal relaxed position but I was living with a 5!!

My point is this, it sounds like many of you are living with your symptoms now for a very long time.  As an IC support group leader for MO and Ark, MOARK IC, I here the desperateness of patients almost daily.  You do not just have to live like this.  There are treatment options.  The truth is though not every urologist or gyn treats or know and understand chronic uti's or IC.  The culture methods we have used for over 100 years are designed to find acute not chronic infections.  Though there is a lot of new literature coming out about this and I have countless articles on it, it really depends on the doctors education etc on this subject.  Ask you doctor directly if they are familiar with treating IC etc.  The truth is I have had many really good doctors who just did not have time to really learn about IC>  Treating IC can be very time consuming and difficult,  since treatment is soo individual and varied.  Once  the patient brought them information or offered suggestions or things to try for they symptoms and pain, they were very open.

If you doctor is not open and will not pursue other options but leaves you living like this, find a new one!  THE POINT IS THERE ARE OPTIONS AND TREATMENTS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS!!!  Again if you want to send me a message I would be glad to give you some links for information.  This includes doctor who want to learn more about how to help their IC or chronic infection patients, that is part of our goal to network patients and physicians with each other and other medical practitioners that can help.  One thing we have found helpful are vaginal suppositories,
these can be used especially for those who have more pain at night etc, they put a muscle relaxer, lidocaine etc right there where you need it.  I personally have to do many things to control my bladder pain and infections, but I have coping tools and do not live with that intense pain, or urgency or frustration.  There are many options to help prevent and treat chronic uti's too!!

It does take time to find out what works for you,,, but please  HEAR WHAT I AM SAYING.

Please feel free to contact me for more links on IC info.or chronic uti.  I do not make any money etc for helping patients, actually it cost me a lot, in time and money but I know how it feels to live like many of you are!  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO JUST LIVE WITH IT!

The theme of medhelp and of everything I try to do is: Together we can make a difference!!  That is what it is all about, finding answers and encouraging one another to find answers!


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I had what i thought was an infection about 12 years ago and just kept needing the loo. They didn't find an infection and tried me on various anti biotics but with no luck.   I ended up having a bladder distention but still not really solved the problem.  I couldn't go to meetings or sit down for long as i always felt i needed the loo, even if i didn't need it very much.  I have a hot feeling in the top of my legs when i get stressed or worry about it now and i think i need to pee or worry i am leaking.  I think it may now be in my head as i find it hard to relax when in social situations where i need to sit down.  Does anyone else suffer from this.  I tried hynpotherapy but not really any success.  
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