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i need advice from the community about my prostate problem. i dont know what to do.

ill try to make this story short but im hoping someone takes the time to read and give me true advice. i need it. in 2012 i started to have pains in my prostate area. abdominal pain and testicle pain as well. i thought it was nothing. as time passed by the pain got worse. i started seeing blood in my urine. i went to the ER. they found no infection but a little blood. they thought i was a junkie seeking pain killers. i went to see a urologist. he old me he didnt find anything. i kept going back trying to explain every details of my pain and still nothing.they took multiple test but never a semen sample. so then the doctor got fed up and said one day why i keep making appointments when he cant do anything to help me. he said ' i have other paitents with more serious problems i can only see you for 3 minutes' he made me feel worthless like i had no value. so i fell into depression. i lost lots of weight due to my depression. i went from 400 pounds to 225 in those two years i sank into depression. i felt like no one cared. so one day i couldnt urinite. i had to go to the ER they put a cathiter in me. so obviously i wasnt wrong or a junkie like people thought i wanted pain killers. so i got a second opinion. the doctor took semen samples and urine. he said i have prostatitis. finally i could breath better because i knew i wasnt crazy. making this up. so he gave me antibiotics and pills for the pain. this went away so i thought. the urologist thought it went away because i could pee again and didnt have pain. so after a month on antibiotics he dissmissed me. i was happy. because i believed i was finally cured of that so now i could focus on enery and time going back to school and attending college. then the pain started to come back. throught this all i noticed something. when i had my prostatitis i would have constipation problems. i notice my constipation happens when my prostatitis comes back. so i started to feel pain again. i went to the urologist and he took another semen and urine sample. he said i have chronic prostatitis and it still didnt go away. so he gave me more antibiotics and said see him in a month. he also gave me something for constipation. so one month later i went and he took another semen sample and said i still have it. so i requested for him to change the anitibiotics. because it wasnt helping. he changed it. last month i saw him. he told me if i feel anymore pain. i said not right now. so he assumed it went away without checking another semen sample. so i requested for him to take another. so he did but told me he wont give me anymore antibiotics. he will have the results when i see him again in 3 months. two days ago the pain started coming back. when i was in cclass i couldnt pay attention because the pain was horrible. today i missed class because of it. so i made a emergancy visit with him today and he gave me the results from the semen test i requested. he said the results came out good. not perfect but good. so he said i didnt have any infection anymore. thats good i guess so if i dont have any infection why my prostate hurts again and why my testicles and lower back hurts. so now im back to square one. i know how this will go. as i keep going back hes gonna say theres nothing he can do. and i know i have something. i know my body. when theres something wrong with your body you are the first to know and feel because its your body. you feel what you feel and theres no denying its something else going on. but now i dont know what else to do. i cant focus in school. im supper stressed. im afraid i might fall back into depression. the urologist refuse to check my prostate and do other exams because he said im 30. im too young for a prostate problem or for him to check it. he said thats for people over 40. i need some advice. because i dont know what to do anymore. im not sure if i should find another urologist. all this is too stressful.
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I would DEFINITELY seek out a different Uro - hopefully he/she will find smthg the other missed. Yes, it would be normally very young for you to have a prostrate prblm such as BPH (prostate enlargement) or cancer, but these DO occasionally occur in younger men. But more likely, you are dealing with chronic prostatitis  - this is a very tricky disease, there is a bacterial type but also a non- bacterial type & either one can be very hard to eliminate. I had chronic prostatitis for a cpl yrs in my mid-late 30s & at times it seemed like it would never go away, but it did, finally. See if you can talk to your reg Dr & get a referral to a Uro who has some patience in getting to the bottom of it. You may need to try several different antibiotics as well as some other treatments, but don’t give up - in most cases, it does eventually resolve.

Best of luck & let us know if you get resolution...
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I agree with BonzoDog.  It sounds like your second doctor was better but not great in terms of tackling a long term, chronic problem.  Why do you have a chronically inflamed prostate gland?  That's the question.  But regardless, you need a long term plan to deal with it. The cause can remain unknown.  As bonzodog says, it is not always bacterial. It may not be able to be cured which stinks.  But you then have to move into the area of controlling symptoms.  Here's causes of chronic prostatitis:  
a blockage of the flow of urine
microorganisms from sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia
an immune system attack on the prostate
uric acid, a compound in urine, causing irritation in the prostate
abnormal functioning of nerves or muscles

These are the things you should get checked by your next urologist. Or this one who you are not yet FULLY sure will not want to help you adequately further.

To rule out bacterial reasons, antibiotics are usually tried for a full 12 weeks.  Was this as long as your treatment? After that, it gets into relieving symptoms using things like muscle relaxers, yes, some pain killers but be very very careful there (addiction is not something you want to have enter your life) and anti anxiety medication.  What do Nsaids do for you since they have the property that decreases inflammation?  In theory, they should help!   Also life style things like diet, proper rest and nutrition.  And . .. prostate massage.  

Here's a link: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/322457.php

Let us know what happens.
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Just to add to what GR said, yes, sometimes in very difficult cases of prostatitis, prostate massage may help. But if you decide to try it, make sure the person (preferably an actual MD, possibly a Urologist) has actual experience with this & knows what they’re doing. Prostate massage done incorrectly or too vigorously could make the problem worse by spreading infection into other areas...
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