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im anemic and frequent urination?

Hello there

I had kidney stones over a year ago, which I passed myself. I had a baby 14 months ago and my blood levels have been low ever since.  I have been very tired and been having irregluar periods which arrive 36 days one month then arrive 23 days the next.  I had a blood test again and my levels were low.  Iv also started to urinate more and have a feeling I need to go to the loo not long after going to the toilet.  It does not hurt or have blood in my urine etc, but im concerned my stones may be developing again.

Could a low blood count cause frequent urination?  The iron tablets iv been given (ferrograd 150 mg) are giving me stomach pains also.

Your advice would be very welcome
kind regards

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I do not think an anemic state may cause frequent urination. Have you been assessed with regards to why you are anemic?

Have they assessed kidney function ( serum BUN and creatinine levels ) and glomerular filtration rate?

I suggest that you have a repeat urinalysis done just to rule out any known infections and urinary tract stones. Increase in urinary frequency may suggest the presence of an infection.

With regards to your anemia , what type of anemia is this?
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Hi there

They are saying my blood count is low (something about ferritin I think??)and has been for 14 months, the doctor does not explain my situation too well and sends me off with ferrograd tablets.  She did check my thyroid and kidney function but dont know anymore about it sorry, they came back normal??
I am to take the 150 mg iron tabs for 2 months then have my levels tested again and take it from there?

I have been weeing every hr or so and I do have a good flow, theres no blood or pain, I just feel i need to go again not long after.  The tablets have been giving me stomach pains to be honest so iv cut them up and been taking bits of the tablet threw out the day.

The doctor I feel thinks im anemic due to having a baby and has not done any further tests? As mentioned my periods are irratic, I can go 36 days before starting my period then the next month I start my period after 23 days, Im also 37 years of age.

Is there any test or anything I could say to my doctor when I go back that she should be testing for?

many thanks for your advice I do appreciate it
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During your menstrual period, were there any episodes of profuse menstrual bleeding?

Also, is there any associated pain with sexual contact?

Increase in urinary frequency may be due to an underlying urinary tract infection. In your case, this has to be ruled out. You may need a urinalysis and urine culture to help rule out the infection. Also, a repeat complete blood count and hemogram may be requested to look through the blood and your response to the iron supplements. I do not think the anemia causes the change in urinary pattern. Increase in water intake may also cause an increase in urinary frequency.

When did you last give birth?

Was this a normal vaginal delivery? Did you lose blood during the delivery?

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Hi there

I gave birth 15 months ago  natural vaginal delivery and lost blood as normal but no complications etc.  Since giving birth I did have heavy periods with blood clots and they lasted a good 7 days, but this has calmed down to about 5 days with little blood clots, but my cycle is irratic, one month 36 days or so the next 23 days 24 etc.  I get light headed in the afternoon and feel tired most days.  I also have puffiness under my eyes (which iv never had before, like fluid on the cheek bone???) my doctor tested my thyroid levels threw a blood test and came back normal.

I stopped taking the iron ferrograd tablets last two days (as had terrible stomach pains etc) and the urination has calmed down, not as frequent????  Iv purchased flurovital which is a iron supplement which is easy on the stomach to take until i can see my doctor as i just cant take the other iron product.

no pain during sex, I do have strep B most of the time which gives me a whitish discharge but they dont treat it as i carry it and its harmless they say(until i give birth etc).  My urine is clear, i drink plenty of water and there is no pain on urination or blood etc.

many thanks

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I'm having the same problem, I had all test and I was clear except I had no iron so have me iron + vitC tablets and since then when I pee it kinda feels senseitive and like I need to go evey half hr.
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