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inability to urinate after vaginal sling surgery for stress incontinence

Posted By Pam on February 17, 1999 at 14:57:05:

I am a young health female, 37 yrs old.  I was suffering from stress
incontinence and it was recommended that I have surgery.  My Urologist
put in a vaginal sling with screws to hold it in place.  I was told
that this was a relatively easy procedure.  The suprapubic catheter
was removed two weeks after surgery because I was voiding enough urine
to go on my own.  Three days later, I could not urinate enough to
empty my bladder.  My Doctor taught me how to use a self-catheter,
3 x's per day, which I am doing.  The problem...I can't urinate at all
anymore unless I literally prop my rear up and apply pressure from the
back of the toilet seat. (this will not work on flatter toilet seats).
This technique will allow me to void enough urine to avoid a catheter,
however a catherter is still necessary.
My question is...Is this a normal problem and should my bladder start
working on it's own anytime soon? Or will my Doctor have to do surgery
again to reverse the sling procedure?
I know this sounds silly, but I'm very worried!  Thank you for your time!
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