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A long time ago I tried to pick up a  weight with my penis and a string, don't ask me why.  Anyway I heard a pop and now i have pain coming from the area a little up and to the left of my shaft.  This also causes my penis to shrivel up.  the pain gets worse when m balls are hanging low.  Sexual activity is painful and causes the injury to worsen.  The pain feels like it is inside of me and has nothing to do with any part that is exposed.  What could this be and what can I do?  It has been a very long time I have been dealing with this and its driving me insane.
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Hi there,
The symptoms that you describe are seen in penile fracture. Penile fracture is the traumatic rupture of the corpus cavernosum. Traumatic rupture of the penis is relatively uncommon and is considered a urologic emergency.
Sudden blunt trauma or abrupt lateral bending of the penis in an erect state can break the markedly thinned and stiff tunica albuginea, resulting in a fractured penis. One or both corpora may be involved, and concomitant injury to the penile urethra may occur. Urethral trauma is more common when both corpora cavernosa are injured.
Penile rupture can usually be diagnosed based solely on history and physical examination findings; however, in equivocal cases, diagnostic cavernosography or MRI should be performed. Concomitant urethral injury must be considered; therefore, preoperative retrograde urethrographic studies should generally be performed.
Historically, conservative management was considered the treatment of choice for penile fractures. Conservative therapy consisted of cold compresses, pressure dressings, penile splinting, anti-inflammatory medications, fibrinolytics, and suprapubic urinary diversion with delayed repair of urethral injuries.
This concept has fallen into disfavor because of the high complication rates (29-53%) of nonoperative therapy. Complications of conservative management included missed urethral injury, penile abscess, nodule formation at the site of rupture, permanent penile curvature, painful erection, painful coitus, erectile dysfunction, corporourethral fistula, arteriovenous fistula, and fibrotic plaque formation.
The primary goals of surgical repair are to expedite the relief of painful symptoms, to prevent erectile dysfunction, to allow normal voiding, and to minimize potential complications due to delay in diagnosis.
Currently, the vast majority of authors favor immediate surgical repair, citing fewer complications, increased patient satisfaction, shorter hospital stays, and better outcomes.
If you have any further queries do get in touch with me. See a urologist for surgical and conservative management.
Dr Sylvester, MD.
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My 2 1/2 yr old grandson dropped the toilet seat on his penis after pottying.  Within minutes his penis turned black and blue and red around the edges.  Is this serious??
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