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intermittant catheter

How bad of an idea is it to use spit as a lubricant for an intermittent urinary catheter if lubricant is not available?
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I have done it since I had forgotten to bring some K jel.
Now tinking back about it, I would say no don't do it. Our mouth can have bacteri that would not be found in the bladder.

I have also once tried to use one without lube, but that is almost impossible. I now allways cary some form of lube in my medication bag.

If you are into any spicy food than I would really say no. I don't think that you would want to try it. I once had a contact lens come out and I tried the old spit trick. It is something that I won't repeat.

I wish that they would have lube available in once use packages.


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They make catheters that have a little pouch of water built into the sleeve that holds the catheter, you just break the pouch open and the water hydrates the hydrophillic coating on the catheter, but they are the soft rubber ones and are bigger in diameter.  I usually use a #10 plastic catheter with hydrophillic coating. The bad thing is, I use the same catheter several times throughout the day which is not a sterile way of doing things. The coating gradually wears off and it is just a plastic tube. The small diameter of it however, makes it easy to insert. If you're able to  urinate a little beforehand, the urine is enough moisture to insert it. I use spit sometimes when I can't go at all if there is no water or lube available.
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I was not aware that these type of catheters were made. In my case I'm not sure if the insurance will cover a product like that. They usually pick the options that cost the least amount.

I used to work as a heavy duty mechanic and at the time used intermittant catherization. I was told to just keep the catheters clean. It did not have the sterile. I was also told that you could microwave them for a short period. I have never tried this as I would immagine that the folk at work would not have appreciated had I stuck my catheters in the microwave.

Currently I have had a foley in for the last few months due to a fistula between the prostate and rectum. After having had this one for about 7 months, I surely have found a new apreciation for the intermittant self catherization.

Thanks of the information,

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