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is this orchitis??

hi ive had a swollen right testicle for almost 3 months now i had an ultrasound done and my doctor says it was orchitis but it wasnt really painful isnt orchitis meant to be painful?and also should the swelling not have subsided by now im just worried incase they have missed something the ultrasound showedincreased bloodflow could that mean cancer im just a little worried any help appreciated
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Hi I agree with what you should have been well aware of orchitis if you had come down with it.

I'm 44 y/o and have had many bouts of epididymitis and orchitis. Each time that I got either I was experiencing a lot of pain. It was also accompanied by a fever and a general ill feeling.

I also think that the infection would not likely clear up on it's own. In a case of epididymitis the epididymis becomes swolen and you can notice this if you carefully feel aroung the testicle(s). In the case of orchitis the whole testicle or scrotum swells up.

With all the episodes that I have had, I ended up being hospitalized and I was put on antibiotics through IV, and oral after discharge.

I think that it might be possible for epididymitis to disappear on it's own, it is highly unlikely. In the case of orchitis, I do not believe for a second that the infection will clear up on  it's own.

It might be worth your while to find out what caused your problems.

Take care,


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hey im 18 years old  and i have a US appt. in one weeks time. I have noticed a lump on the top of my right testicle(epidiymussss?)  and this testicle is also bigger then my left one. I have very very very chronic lower abdomin pains and also very very very chronic burning sensation after i urinate. i have been doing some research and have read that along with this men have had pains in there hips and legs, which i do not have. I am extremely worried about this as this is my man hood and i dont want to have cancer. also i used to play hockey very competivaly and have got hit in the junk most likely a number of times. I would greatly appreciate an answer at any point
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If you are not sure as to what this might be the best thing is to consult with a doctor.
You mention lower abdominal pain and chronic burning, this can also be caused by prostatitis. If you have an infection or inflamation of the prostate it is possible for the infection to travel down the vas deference to the testicle.

From what I have read on testicular cancer is that most cases do not cause pain.
This following site has some information on testicular cancers.

I sincerely hope that this is not cancer, but even if it is, it can be controled if caught early.
Even if you have only one testicle, it has little effect on your potency or your abiltiy to father children.

In 2000 I lost my left testicle due to a bad infection about a year after a vasectomy. I was born with undecended testicles. My left testicle settled in the scrotum in the first year but the right did not settle untill I was about 11 to 12 y/o.
Since 2003 I started taking testosterone shots since I had a low level of testosterone, which I think might have been the result of now only having my right testicle left. This is the testicle that did not come down untill about the age of 12.
In most cases the remaining testicle can produce enough testosterone to make up for the other testicle.

I hope that this information as well as the link that I gave you, will provide some peace of mind.


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