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kidney & back pain

I have had kidney pain on and off for several years.  I will run a low temp (99-100 degrees), have aches in all my joints, and especially in my lower back.  This time, it has kept me down for several days. I have been to my primary care physician a number of times--my urine tests always come back negative, with a slight elevation in white blood count and low fever. Because of repeated negative urinalysis, I am never treated for anything. I have told them i used Naproxum Sodium for nearly a year for knee pain (as prescribed by my orthopedic surgeon).  Couldn't this do some damage?    The pain is real in my back, I ache in my joints, I  I have used all kinds of natural remedies, including chanca piedra (stone breaker),  apple cider vinegar, kidney cleanse by Renew Life.  If I have negative results on urine & blood tests, is there still a chance I have a kidney infection, kidney damage or a kidney stone blocking a duct?  I just did a liver gallbladder cleanse with lemon juice & olive oil and passed 5 large stones.  My kidneys had some sharp pain during that time, but no stones passed in my urine.  I am a 51 year old female.
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