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kidney stone pain?

So i was told I have two small kidney stones and have most likely recently passed a third. What kind of pain can I expect and is the pain I'm having normal? I've been having some pain in the lower stomach and right testicle when I wake up which usually goes away after I go to the bathroom. Then after being on my feet for 3-5 hours it starts again and gradually gets worse until I'm almost doubled over by the end of the day. Usually after sitting down for an hour or so the pain tends to go mostly away. This has been going on for about two weeks. Thanks for any info.
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     How are you? Kidney stone pain is usually sudden severe pain and starts with waking up in the morning in loin, flank, and anteriorly towards the groin. The pain radiates down to the testis, scrotum, labia or anterior thigh.

The pain is  usually constant, but the patient may feel as paroxysms, due to severity of pain. Often there may be accompanying symptoms like dysuria, frequency, oliguria and haematuria.

The stone usually passes out with in 48 hours spontaneously. If the pain is continuous after this period then you need to see a urologist for further assistance.
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That's kinda what I thought. Whats odd is if I sit around all day I've been having little to no pain at all. Its only when I'm on my feet for extended amounts of time that I get the pain, and the longer I'm on my feet the worse it gets.
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     Thanks for writing in. I think you should also rule out any abnormality in the testicles, because continuous standing does not aggravate renal colic. Is there any swelling or change in colour of skin in the scrotum? I would suggest that you get a abdominal and scrotal ultrasound and visit a urologist.
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There isn't any color change that I've noticed and the only time that the testicle itself is tender is when I'm having the pain. I also noticed after being off of work for 2 days that upon returning I had no pain the first day back, then the second day back I didn't get pain till late at night, the third day back it started as it has been after just a few hours. One of the doctors I went to did an exam of my testicles and didn't find any misshape or lumps, he also checked for a hernia as well. I have noticed that I've been having gas when the pain gets bad if this could mean anything? It all started when I was taking penicillin for a tooth infection but none of the doctors seem to think that it could be related to that. I plan to get to a urologist and get an ultrasound and probably an MRI as well as soon as I can find the funding to do so. Until then I really just don't know what to do other than deal with the pain and hope it doesn't kill me. The really bad thing is that I've been having numbness in my arms and legs that could either be from the stress from this problem or even be related to this problem since it started soon after, but it also seems like possibly a circulation thing as my legs go numb from crossing them or sitting in certain chairs or the on the toilet even after very short periods of time. Sorry for the wall of text and thanks again for your responses.
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