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kidney stones and ibs

  i read that some people that form kidney stones
  also have ibs
  could you please explain the relationship of these two
  as i have both and am trying to get info on how or what i
  can change in my life style to get both under control
  could you also recommend any reading material to me
  so i can better educate myself about the relationship
  thank you for any information

Dear DB,
Irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS) a group of diseases characterized by frequent loose bowel movements . These patients suffer from debilitating abdominal pain which is often worsened by certain foods. Kidney stones and IBS are linked by dehydration. Meaning, that the frequent loose bowel movements leads to dehydration which can thus trigger a kidney stone to form.
Other diseases of the bowel can also lead to kidney stones. These include Crohn
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