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kidney stones and sten question

I was diagonised in the ER on Dec 29th with stones on both my right and left kidneys.  The right ones are all under 3mm and im told will pass on there own,  THe left ones range from 4mm-9mm and the largest was at the top of near my kidney comming down.  THey tried to remove it and were unable to so they placed a stent in on dec 30th.  I had lithro done on jan 12, with no bleeding and small amount of pain afterwards.  I have been on morphine 10mg every 3 hrs since the stent was put in to manage pain,. today i woke up with sever pain in the lower side near my back on both sides, my urine is bright red, and while straining for stones( none yet)  i found blood clots ( apox 5mm x 3mm)  the morphine is not controlling the pain anymore, and im not due to go in for stent removal and lithro again until the 21st,  is what im experiencing the passing of a stone or should i go be seen again by the ER ( my uroligist is 2 hrs away and my GP is not im until wed, so that is my only option.)
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The pain which you are going through is likely due to the passage of the clots or the stones only and the spasm of the muscles which try to push them down produce the pain. Along with the morphine, you need drugs which can actually produce muscle relaxation like buscopan or drotaverine and thus I’ll suggest you to consult a urologist/surgeon for the same for the prescription and take it. Remember to take lots of fluids as the flushing effect is important in clearing the clots and relieving the pain. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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My Fiance, was given a drug called Flomax in which to relax her muscles in which to pas her kidney stone.
She had just passed her Kidney stone and was in severe pain after the Lithotipsy. So much pain was also created by the fragments of stone passing through the Ureter and depending on how near the sone is to the kidney, the kidney may be under a little pain as affect of the waves of the Lithotripsy.

It took my Fiance 3 days to pass her stone, but eventually her pain still developed and looking at the hospital sheet which explained
(most patients are discharged with Antibiotics and pain killers)  
My Fiance was not prescribed Antibiotics! only pain killers....
3 days later pain become more severe and she phoned her urologist and queried should i be on antibiotics? Her Urologists nurse could not believe she was discharged without antibiotics and now caught infection in her Ureter and kidney.

Try an over the counter medication called "Uristat" which is a Numbing agent for the Kidney & Ureter! it may discolour your water to an orange colour!

Hope all goes well
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