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kidney stones and then unable to get an erection

hi. i had kidney stones throughout the week and went in and out of hospital until they confirmed i had two stones at the last junction of my tube and 1 still in my kidney. they discharged me on the saturday and the pain had gone alot. i was only experiencing little sharp pains and what feels like lower back pain. when urinating, it sometimes felt burny and uncomfortable. but nothing overly sore. i took the tablets to relax the tube on the saturday and the sunday and never again after. it is now thursday ( 4 days since i had a tablet), i still have a weird sensation every so often in my penis, and little bits of discomfort in the area that feels like my bladder.
however, i have not managed to get an erection since i went in to hospital, I have once got a semi, yet it did not last. the area between my testicals and anus just feels different and "week" if i may.

do kidney stones effect an erection and more importantly, will it correct itself? i have never ever had problems.

any advise would be great , thank you.
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I don't think kidney stones themselves can cause erectile dysfunction (I've never heard of that). But I do know that urogenital infections can and do cause ED. Infections almost always accompany kidney stones. Did the ED go away yet?
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thanks.  i can get an erection yet its not the same and does not seem to hold for too long. also, when i ejaculate, it is not powerfull or anything, feels like it does not all come out.what are urogenital infections? thanks
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Urogenital infection means an infection anywhere in the urinary tract or the genital organs (kidney, bladder, prostate, urethra, etc.). When there are kidney stones there is almost always an infection too. (The infection may be the underlying cause of the kidney stones or it may be encouraged by the irritation from the stone(s).)

If the area behind your testicles and anus feels tender, you may have prostate inflammation from infection there. It's common for prostate infection to accompany other genital infections.

Avoid excess calcium if you're having any stone problems. Also avoid milk and cream completely until you've been well for a couple weeks. These forms of dairy make it very hard to clear infections. Cranberry is pretty good for yeast and other microbial infections--especially urogenital infections. The unsweetened forms are more effective. If you're still having significant symptoms of infection, and these simple home remedies are not enough, see your doctor for antibiotics or antifungals. They could really help ED if it's caused by infection.

Note: antibiotics actually make yeast problems worse, so you (and your doctor) want be very sure it's not yeast before you accept taking antibiotics (alone) to treat it.
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thank you very much. i will take your advise. take care and thanks again.
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