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kidney stones

I had an xray done and they found that I have 2 kidnet stones that are found to be in the kidney still. They say that the stones are on the left side. Now recently it hurts all over in my abdomin and into my back. If the stones have moved is this something that is part of the process? The doctors arent in until Tues. and I am just praying that this holds off until then. I was suppose to have them broke up but she thought I could wait. What does it sound like?
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I just found out i have a kidney stone in my left kidney as well.  it's 6mmc7mmx11mm.  Very Large.  The pain starts in the back and does radiate to the front.  My pain brought me literally to my knees.  I have had the lithotripsy, but it's a week later and the stone is still in the same place and they aren't sure if it worked or not.  If the pain gets too unbearable go to the nearest emergency room if doctor isn't in.  They can perform ct scan or KUB to see where the stones are now and if cause of pain.  It could also be a  urinary tract infection starting.  I also had a large amount of blood in my urine before i got any pain.  It could be the start of the stones trying to leave the kidney.  They don't always hurt so bad passing.  Depends on size. Hope this helps, if it's not too late.
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