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kidney stones

I got a CT scan and they said I have 2 kidney stones.  I have had no pain for a month and then it hits me today.  Can you tell when they are going to come out?  Or is there anything to speed the process up?
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hi there...all i can tell you is that time is a key factor. atleast it was with me. they say that exercise and lots of water will help too but i found out that resting alot was all that i could really do. I hope yours dont get like mine did and that it isnt close to anything important...like in my case it was my brother wedding i was in...not a good time to be sore at all. i can say you will be sore for a while after wards..
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hi i had kidney stone twice in my life and passed them out with not to much pain , but i did suffer before they came out  5 in total.

drink plenty of  water to try and brake them down most of all before you go to sleep .

keep medication that relaxes your muscles very handy,  just like when a women gives birth its usually at a funny time and the pain is worse.

good luck coellin
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